Posted on March 27, 2017 at 7:55 am

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UA Exclusive: The Laughter Riot Continues With Blame It On Yashraj And Ananth Mahadevan

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Riding high on its success, the cast and crew of ‘Blame It On Yashraj’ performed their 100th show, on Sunday, 26th of March at Tata Theatre: NCPA. Having performed in multiple countries and receiving a great response from the media and audience, the show has come back to Mumbai to celebrate this special occasion.
‘Blame It On Yashraj’ is based on the story of a Punjabi/Bengali family, that gets caught up in a wedding hassle when their darling daughter decides to marry a Muslim boy. It deals with our social prejudices and has its own unique take on mixed marriages in the country, which makes it a laughter riot for the viewers.

Urban Asian recently interviewed movie/theatre actor Ananth Mahadevan, who plays the girl’s father in the play, and is its narrator too.



  • How are you planning to celebrate the completion of 100 shows?

There is no big celebration as such. We all are happy that the audiences have loved our show and just hope that they keep loving us and shower their blessings on us so that we can do more shows.

  • Your take on people who think Muslims are terrorists?

Different people have different thinking. Not all think alike. But I feel even Muslims are human beings. We must not categorize them as terrorists. That would be wrong. I have many friends who are Muslims and in fact they are very close to me. I never treat them as separate. I feel pity on those people who think all Muslims are terrorists. But you can’t force or change anyone’s thinking.

  • Will you and your family accept a Muslim guy or girl in the family?

I am not married and I don’t have any plans for marriage and there is no one in my family who is going to married now. But there aren’t any differences of Hindu-Muslim in my family. We consider all as one.

  • Your take on lavish weddings?

I don’t believe in lavish weddings. I don’t believe in spending so much on weddings. I like Christian weddings. It is so simple and pure. Before even south Indian weddings were very simple. But now-a-days, it has become a fashion. Spending so much on dresses that we might not even wear later, getting exhausted, etc. I have no intention to get married but I would always prefer simple weddings that are filled with pure love.

  • Nowadays majority of the youngsters prefer lavish weddings. Do you think Bollywood is to be blamed for this?

In a way, yes! I feel that Bollywood films are to be blamed for the lavish weddings. But people should understand that it is a movie and not reality. But again it is one’s personal choice.

  • Your take on inter-caste marriages?

I have many friends that have done inter-caste marriages and are very happy in their life. I don’t believe that only if you marry someone of the same caste will you be happy. That is a myth. People should be open about inter-caste marriages.


  • What do you think about the concept of “ghar jamai”?

Well, I feel that it is a suicide (laughs)! There was a serial I had done named Ghar Jamai on DD channel, it was long ago. It is one of the best serials that I have done so far. It was so funny. If I get a chance I would love to make a play of it. It would be fun.

  • Planning to do any other comedy plays?

Yes, there is a play named Can I Help You that we will be performing soon. It is hilarious and I hope that the audiences love it.

  • Movies or theatres? Your pick?

That is a difficult question to answer for me. I love performing in both. The only difference is you have the freedom to perform and move in theatre. I enjoy theatre more because I can be myself.

  • Any upcoming movie?


Doctor Rukhmabai! It is a biopic. I loved working for it. Rukhmabai was an Indian woman who became one of the first practising woman doctors in colonial India! It is going to be a fantastic movie to watch.

We hope you enjoyed this interview. For many more such interviews stay tuned to Urban Asian.



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