Posted on March 28, 2017 at 9:54 am

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Shardul Pandit: Main Bada Hoke Shashank Vyas Banunga

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Actor Shardul Pandit who is playing lead in Shobhna Desai’s Kuldeepak was recently seen visiting neighboring set of Yash Patnaik’s hit show Jaana Na Dil Se Door to meet his pal Shashank Vyas.


 Shardul said:

“With Shashank it is a very funny association. When I shifted from Dubai I was anchoring and we met at a party and somebody introduce us that this is Shardul and this is Shashank and he was like I know you and I follow your interviews, you are so good. So out of all the people that I have met he was somebody who would always keep telling me that you are rocking here and then. Then we started talking and we are from the same state MP. He is from Ujjain and I am from Indore. We both share the same belief that we don’t believe in Politics, we just keep talking about spirituality and I say “Tum Toh Guruji Ho”. So I always laugh and I tell him that, “Main Bada Hoke Shashank Vyas Banunga” The day I get to play a lead and when I get a chance to give an interview I’ll say that, “Main Bada Hoke Shashank Vyas Banunga”. What happened is one of my directors knows Shashank, she went and told him that I am around so I ended going to his set and met him. We saw each other and started laughing and hugging”.


Well your smiles speaking thousand words. And we like your spirit Shardul!




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