Posted on March 30, 2017 at 6:13 am

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Re-Entry Of Khushi In Sasural Simar Ka!

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Jyotsna Chandola who plays Khushi Bharadwaj in ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ is getting a wonderful response after her re-entry in the show.


Jyotsna shared:

“I am not in the Bharadwaj house, the conversation is only through phone calls. So people are very happy whenever I am on the set. So it feels like family whenever I am there.”


Speaking about her negative character, she said:

“It was very negative in the beginning, I was a bar dancer, I used to be at home as well as the bar, so that was quite negative. Right now, whatever the character is, it is the same. I cannot compare the different shades.”


Recently, the actress also shot an action sequence and enjoyed doing that! Sharing her experience, she said:

“Everyone was praising me, they really liked it. It was like I am driving a car to hurt Roshni. It was me who was driving it and everybody thought it was a double that did the sequence because my face was covered while driving. And then when I revealed that it was really me who was driving the car, they were really amazed. It felt really great to hear all the praises.”


Jyotsna is one of the few actresses who have a balanced personal and professional life.


Commenting on this, she says:

“If you want to balance your personal and professional life it is all up to your partner whether he or she is supportive. So I will give all the credit to Nitesh for that!”

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