Posted on March 30, 2017 at 5:40 am

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People Tell Me Watching Chandrakanta Is Like Watching A Film: Nikhil Sinha

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Successful producer Nikhil Sinha, who has made popular shows like ‘Mahadev’ and ‘Hatim’, is currently producing his latest show ‘Chandrakanta’. While it has only been few weeks since the show is on air, the audiences have already started loving the show.


Talking about it, Nikhil says:

“I am happy that people have started following the show and they like it too. They have also told me that watching Chandrakanta is like watching a film, which is a huge compliment for me. The fact that my audience feels that Chandrakanta is not a regular TV soap, means that we have hit the mark as far as the quality of the show is concerned.”


The look of the leads Gaurav Khanna and Kritika Kamra is also being liked by the viewers, about which, Nikhil says:

“The idea was to make the look quite different. The VFX is also getting appreciated. It is going very well with the story and it is looking like it’s on a big scale and is quite glam.”


When asked, whether he would have preferred if Chandrakanta was a daily soap instead of a weekend one, Nikhil says:

Chandrakanta is an entertaining story. Yes, it would have been nice if it was a daily soap, but audience has started liking Chandrakanta as a weekly show and that is important. The pace of the show is going nice and weekend slots have different pace altogether. Our idea is audience will watch the show and they will stay with that pace.”

Well, we’re sure you are going to deliver another classic this time again, Nikhil.


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