Posted on February 21, 2017 at 5:30 am

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Jacqueline Reveals That She Had Her First Kiss At The Age Of 14


Her smile is infectious and everyone is always talking about how happy and bubbly Jacqueline Fernandez always is! Her happiness lit up the room when she revealed some interesting facts about her teenage days and school time including things about her first boyfriend and her first kiss which was at the age of 14.




Check out Jackie talk about her teenage days:





Having spent her school life in Bahrain, Jacqueline admits of being a very talkative and cheerful kid and thus her nickname was Radio Bahrain. She also admits how she regrets kissing a few guys and how she was really naive and easily taken advantage of when she was in school.





She also addresses the teenagers of today asking them to stand up for themselves and to establish themselves from an early age.