Posted on February 17, 2017 at 1:34 pm

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Fun Video – Kiss And Breakup Gyaan By Baba Gyancho


No no no! Don’t go by the name, Baba Gyancho is not like the other baba’s and definitely not like Big Boss10  Baba, Swami Om! Baba Gyancho  is different. Have trouble in kissing your partner or breaking up with him/her; well, here are the solutions for your problems. Baba Gyancho is here to solve all your problems.



In these two videos, he has given us tips in Hindi on how to kiss – or should we say “chumban” – and how to break up with your partner.



His first video is about How To Kiss (Chumban), and by kiss he doesn’t mean kissing on cheeks or forehead, he means kissing on lips i.e. smooch.



Check out this funny and cool video of How To Kiss Your Partner:




While in the first video Baba Gyancho has given us gyaan on how to enjoy the moment while kissing, in his second video he has given tips of How To Breakup With Your Partner. He has given different tips like ignoring your partner, interacting with people of whom he/she doesn’t approve, talking about your ex, etc.




Check out Baba Gyancho’s funny and cool video of how to breakup with your partner:–mOdJUF9c&list=PL4WyNDRX8ndMtvoolWBkKjYZsaKuGqfP1&index=2





Oh god, too much of gyaan, ha!?