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Music Release: Savantloup Releases New Track – Fight For You

Savantloup – Fight For You

Music Release: Savantloup Releases New Track - Fight For You

Music Release: Savantloup Releases New Track – Fight For You. Canadian, Artist Savantloup has released his latest track Fight for you and it has been on circulation! Our playlist really deserves this masterpiece during the month of love!

Savantloup started his music journey for the purpose of pursuing something he loves. He wanted to provide a platform of representation for other South Asian artists in the industry as well!

A prodigy at 3, playing the piano and later the guitar at the age 13. Savantloup always felt as if music came easily to him. It was an undeniable joy to experience that love for music and share it with the world!

He defied the odds of practicing classical songs growing up and felt drawn to creating his own works of art on the piano! He improvised through his passion for music and similarly helped towards his growth as a music artist. It later became a good distraction from his studies during his college years and led to where he is today!

Music Release: Savantloup Releases New Track - Fight For You

Above all, Savantloup‘s new track Fight For You really has such significance. When we think of the phrase “Fight for you”, we usually compare it to despair but Savantloup repurposed it into a feeling of hope.

The lyrics bring forth a new understanding of the phrase with lyrics such as “I know we have our problems, some things try to divide us. But I’ll hold onto love and I promise that Ima fight for you.

There’s nothing but hope in that statement; you don’t fight for your partner out of desperation, you fight for them because you hope that you’ll be able to get back to the good times.

When asked about the song, Savantloup mentioned that;
“It’s not a motif you really see in music today, and I thought it was something that a lot of people could relate to, myself included.”
Savantloup truly prides himself in being a form of representation for others. He has always wanted to see himself represented in Western culture. He stated that many that are similar to us in the western media are given similar character outlooks.
Characters such as “taxi drivers and gas station workers with thick accent”. Having a “dorky” personality trait and being the laughing stork rather than being seen for our strengths and resilience in western media.
Representation matters to us!
He was tired of seeing the same stereotypical characters portrayed and limitations in the entertainment industry. Savantloup wants the next generation to forge their own paths. Creating a reality that we can be proud to represent in the media.
Furthermore, with this new track and his music career, Savantloup wants to represent a new wave of South Asian creatives in the industry. It is so important to create a space for our community. A space filled with support and representation!
Savantloup is truly one artist worth listening to and supporting. Every track tells a unique story capturing his experiences and endless realities that deserve to be shared!
In the words of Savantloup, “we can create art, we can thrive in Western Society and succeed at whatever we out our minds’ to.”, Be sure to listen to his new track Fight for you out now! Follow his music journey on instagram @savantloup !
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