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Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari “Create Without Fear”

Crown The Brown: Ramis Ansari

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

Crown The Brown Tiktok Spotlight Series: Ramis Ansari. One thing people enjoy most is relatable content and what  better than a wholesome content creator ready to bring their community to the forefront of social media.

Content creator Ramis Ansari shares his love for the South Asian community and his background online for all to celebrate with joy and laughter. He always knows how to keep his audience wanting more and we wanted to know more about the man behind all the content! Ramis Ansari shared a bit more about himself with us.

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

What are three things people don’t know about you?
  1. I have OCD when it comes to cleaning. My room, office desk & car all need to be clean & tidy at all times. I find messy rooms or areas frustrating to be in.
  2. I’m in the process of completing my Chartered Accountants degree.
  3. I played club Rugby for 9 years of my life, which led to multiple injuries (several fractures on my arm, shoulder dislocations, broken jaw & even a broken nose).

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

As an online content creator, how would you describe your content to others?

Overall, my content is entertaining for all audiences with a lot of comedic value included. However, majority of my content is quite relatable & relevant to the South Asian & Muslim communities.

Although most of my content will make you smile & laugh, I do from time to time push out serious content with important messages which I believe need to be discussed more openly in society.

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

When did your tiktok journey start and what inspired your love for content creation?

My TikTok journey began at the end of August 2019 after I had attended a Gary Vaynerchuk conference where he went on & on about TikTok. Curiosity made me download the app & create a few videos.

After creating the first few initial videos I quite instantly found a strong sense of pleasure from creating. Since then my love for content creation has only grown & allowed me to explore many different opportunities.

The concept of creating entertaining content that starts as an idea in your head & is then later produced to make people around the world smile & laugh is something, I am thoroughly amazed and in awe with. My curiosity allowed me to find a passion I otherwise might not have discovered.

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You create a lot of relevant South Asian content, as well as trends significant to the online community. Why is it important to relate to your audience?

I believe it is best to create content that is genuine to you & most importantly relates to your own self. If you are able to create content that you yourself relate to, then most certainly there will be a larger community who will also be able to relate to it.

Hence why I enjoy creating South Asian content as it comes so naturally for me being brought up in the very same community I am trying to relate to.

Are there any content creators that inspire your work?

The content creators that are putting out content in the same space & for the same community as me are the ones I am inspired by most. I have never seen a creator that also creates similar content for similar communities as ‘competition’ or a ‘threat’ rather I see them as an opportunity to collaborate with & be inspired by.

Most of the creators I follow create content relevant to South Asians & I think that’s important as it not only inspires new ideas but also helps in identifying what type of videos work & what don’t.

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

Passion and time management is a huge part of social media. How do you manage your time accordingly to creating content and take us through the daily process of creating content.

My time management skills are by far the best set of skills I have in my armour. I have a full-time office job, weekend job, CA studying commitments, gym commitments, YouTube, TikTok & obviously maintaining a social life. How I am able to manage all these commitments comes down to how well I can manage my time wisely. I usually leave little to no time at all for procrastination or unproductivity.

When at work, I am focused on the tasks I have to complete. Same with the hours I set aside for studying or gym. So, when it comes to social media, I also treat it with the same respect, in the sense that if I have set aside hours dedicated to it, I will only be focused on thinking of new ideas, creating new content & responding to messages/comments.

Sometimes during the day, I might randomly get ideas for original content & I’ll make sure to jot them down & later produce them when I have set aside the time for it.

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

As a POC creator within the South Asian diaspora, why do you believe representation is important with regards to having an online presence?

I believe it is significantly important as it inspires the community if not an entire generation. Kids, teenagers & young adults all long for people they can look up to or be inspired by in any sort of creative field. Whether it be music, acting, comedy, dance, etc. It is important to have more POC within these industries as it helps to diminish negative stereotypes & push forward a strong message about unity & equality.

It also empowers our community to have a voice on a public platform rather than be told who we are or how we are, we have the ability to show who we actually are & how we actually are. Representation for minorities is critical in today’s society. It is not only a way of inspiring people but also a solution to the problem of hatred, division & discrimination against minorities.

Have you ever experienced a creative blockage, if so, how do you handle those moments?

Yes, I most certainly have. There are days where I won’t be able to think of any ideas for videos nor have the motivation to create. However, rather than beating myself up for it, I try to tell myself that it is completely normal to experience creative blockages and the best content creators in the world also go through it. So rather than feeling helpless, I take it as an opportunity to treat myself with resting & enjoying other people’s content as a viewer not a content creator.

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

What would you say is your favourite piece of content that you have created thus far that did exceptionally well?

My favourite piece of content that I have created & what I’m probably most known for is the ‘Maryam Series’. A lot of people thoroughly enjoyed this mini POV series I did on TikTok & till today people recall it and ask for more of it. It isn’t my favourite because of how well it did with audience engagement, but rather the message I was able to educate the audience about in relation to Arranged vs Forced Marriages, in a light-hearted & comedic way.

Crown The Brown TikTok Spotlight: Ramis Ansari "Create Without Fear"

Apart from creating content, what other hobbies or interests do you have that keep you occupied especially during lockdown?

I love gym & it is definitely something that helps me mentally when balancing all the different tasks in my life. I am also a big believer of my religion (Islam), so learning more about my religion & actually practicing it is something I am fond of.

What future projects can we look forward to?

I have something quite interesting & unique coming out in a matter of months in terms of a business which will be VERY relevant to the South Asian community, and also very needed. So do stay tuned for that.

In terms of content, I will consistently be creating new & original content that will be entertaining on TikTok & also on YouTube. I have some very entertaining videos that shall be coming out soon on my YouTube channel. So you most definitely want to subscribe to it!

Any tips for aspiring creators out there?

CREATE WITHOUT FEAR. I think many creators now are worried as to how they may be judged or seen in their community or circle. This is something I had to overcome as well & I am so grateful I did. When you start creating content that you yourself love & enjoy, It won’t matter if others love or hate it.

Another very important thing I always stress is that create content for the right reasons. Create if it is what you love doing, want to inspire people or leave a positive impact in the community. Do not create content for the hopes of attaining clout & fame. Figures & online clout are toxic if you let it get to you, so create for the right reasons.

Ramis Ansari Crown The Brown Tiktok


Favourite colour and food?

Black & anything with chicken.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee for sure.

Celebrity Crush?

Growing up it had always been Vanessa Hudgens due to High School Musical, however now it is probably Syra Yousuf.

Ramis Ansari Crown The Brown

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Alive: Gary Vaynerchuk, He is an absolute beast in areas of business & social media. It’d be of most benefit meeting him.

Passed Away: My Grandfather, never got to meet him but have only heard amazing things of him.

Biggest inspiration?

My Dad.

Spirit animal?

I’d like to say a lion but my family would tell you it should be a monkey.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

To remove racism. Nothing good has ever come from the division of communities. A world with love & acceptance for other people’s differences would be AMAZING.

Top 3 places you would like to visit someday?

Mecca, Palestine & Northern Pakistan.

Ramis Ansari Tiktok Crown The Brown
If we had to check your Spotify or apple music playlist. What would be the first 3 artists on your list right now

All very different but It’d be Headie One, Ali Gatie & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Daily Mantra you live by?

Everything happens for a reason.

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Ramis Ansari surely knows how to bring some flavour to our feed with his content. He celebrates his South Asian culture with so much of pride and we are so obsessed with his relatable content. This is only the beginning for this talented young content creator to soar even further. We are so excited to see his growth! Be sure to follow Ramis Ansari on Social Media and Youtube!


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