Posted on June 25, 2020 at 4:25 pm

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Exclusive: Prev Reddy Releases ‘Garam Gang’ Merchandise!

Prev Reddy releases ‘Garam Gang’ merchandise and donates to The Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (P.A.C.T) organisation.

Exclusive: Prev Reddy Releases 'Garam Gang' Merchandise!

Prev Reddy releases ‘Garam Gang‘ Merchandise. South African Youtuber, actor, comedian and recent winner of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favourite African Social Media Star, Prev Reddy, has released a new range of merchandise called ‘Garam Gang’.

He will be donating a portion of the profits to The Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (P.A.C.T) organisation.

What is Garam and why the Name?

Garam, meaning ‘hot’ in Hindi, perfectly describes this unique line of street apparel with a nod towards South African Indian culture.

Paying homage to his online persona Aunty Shamilla and her spicy clique, the Garam Gang range of locally produced hoodies and socks stays true to the essence of love, warmth and friendship represented by the groups of Aunties seen in Prev’s videos.

Exclusive: Prev Reddy Releases 'Garam Gang' Merchandise!

Prev explains the idea behind it all:

“The idea for Garam Gang was something I had for a very long time. I wanted to create a line of merchandise that was entirely different to the last. Something with quirky pieces that you couldn’t find in retail stores.”

“I knew that I had a quirky set of characters that I created so I decided to incorporate them into the designs.”

“With the launch of this new venture for me, I knew it was important to give back, considering everything that is going in the world right now.”

“I know that there are a lot of groups and organisations helping struggling families. I noticed that animal organisations were struggling just as much, if not more. So I decided to work with PACT” he added.

Donations towards PACT

PACT is dedicated to providing care and medical treatment for animals. Having worked with this non-profit organisation before, Prev aims to keep helping the organisation care for animals as best they can.

“Times have been very hard. We now are feeding more then 190 animals because of Covid-19 and the numbers grown every week. We’re struggling to make sure these animals have food to eat” says Neeri Naidoo from PACT.

“This collaboration means that we can have some peace of mind that someone cares about these animals.”

“Someone is acting on their behalf, someone is advocating for them. Somebody voicing for the voiceless.” she added.

Exclusive: Prev Reddy Releases 'Garam Gang' Merchandise!

The Garam Gang Merch on SALE now!

The Garam Gang merchandise is on sale now with black and white hoodies as well as socks available. With plans to release sweaters and Aunty Shamilla’s famous gown within the month.

Visit to purchase items from this range.

All additional tips added to the basket on the site will also be donated to PACT.

Ensuring the organisation is able to feed, house and treat the animals at their facility during this cold winter and Covid-19 period.


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