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Cape Town: Navin Kundra Lights up the Stage for Charity

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Navin Kundra Live in Concert

A Legendary Singer, a packed venue and generous donations!

Cape Town: Navin Kundra lights up the stage for charity. The 29th of February comes around every four years and what a way to celebrate than with a legendary show. The CTICC and Ebrox Entertainment in conjunction with Pepsi Max presented UK singer Navin Kundra Live in Concert this past Saturday, 29 February 2020.

The CTICC packed with fans and supporters on the 29th of February. People from various communities gathered to the venue to watch a show that they would never forget. Similarly, community members came to show their support for the UK singer, as well as charity to celebrate this day that only comes every four years.

The show was anchored by Rameez Ebrahim and Yaseen Ebrahim. Opened by South African singer Selim Kagee. Selim Kagee described as part Bocelli. His piercing voice echoed throughout the venue leaving many speechless. Similarly, Selim made many feel proud with his range and evergreen ballads.


Navin graced the stage with his legendary countdown entrance and had the building soaring with cheers as he took centre stage! The crowd went wild as he performed his major hits such as Tere Liye, Mehbooba and Shudaayi with the amazing Dilkash Band and the Nateshwar Dance Academy! Navin brought cheers and tears to our eyes. He is well-known for his tribute to legends such as Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi and more. Navin‘s tribute segment is called ‘Voice of Legends’. It left so many welling up with tears. So many supporters sang along and reminisced on their past and loved ones. It was such a beautiful , memorable moment.

Navin has this vibrant energy that lights up the room. His passion for music echoes in his voice and killer dance moves. We had the privilege of finding out exactly what he loves about performing. When asked about his passion for music, Navin shared that he wants people to feel at ease when he performs. He wants all the stress of life to float away and for everyone to celebrate themselves in that very moment. What a beautiful thought. It was so evident by the continuous smiles on fans faces that they were in the moment and not allowing their personal realities to disrupt the moment.

Memorable Moments

The concert was extremely memorable as it included guest of honour, Kamlesh Khanna Makan – sister of Rajesh Khanna. Kamlesh ji shared her most memorable moments regarding her brother and showed her gratitude towards Navin for keeping Rajesh Khanna alive in his music! Navin was also accompanied by Shay Ramji for a Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai duet and more! Not to mention, the Careless Whisper suggestion from a fan! Who would’ve thought Mr Kundra would have a soothing George Michael moment, it was a pleasant surprise!



Above all, the proceeds of the concert is going towards the sunflower fund and the Children’s Trust. A performance worth a cause! Tygerberg Hospital has worked towards this initiative in terms of saving young lives and finding stem cell donors. The sunflower fund enables a second chance for those diagnosed with life-threatening blood diseases by finding their life-saving donor. They work towards saving lives and due to this concert, donations have made it possible to give many young lives a second chance!

Congratulations to Ebrox Entertainment and Navin Kundra for raising an approximately whopping R31k towards The Sunflower Fund during this concert! What an amazing initiative. A performer working towards making a difference in a community. It is extremely commendable!

If you would like to donate or become a blood stem donor today, contact The Sunflower Fund at 0800 12 10 82. Make a difference today! Save a life! Learn more about the Children’s Trust by visiting


Ali Ebrahim (CEO), Nazier Ebrahim and Atawullah Sonday

This concert would have never been possible without the hard working team at Ebrox Entetainment. A huge thank you to the team for being so accommodating and the continuous support in bringing together such a beautiful community. The promoting team includes Ali Ebrahim (CEO), Nazier Ebrahim and Atawullah Sonday (promoting partners). These men made the show possible in conjunction with Pepsi Max and the help of Shahzadi and Akbar Cafe!

The evening was memorable and the Dilkash Band, Nateshwar Dance Academy, as well as Shay Ramji and Selim Kagee really made us South Africans proud! Navin Kundra live in concert was definitely a show worth a cause! A day that comes around every four years has certainly become a celebratory one! Click here to watch the highlights from the concert!

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