Posted on February 14, 2020 at 9:20 am

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Crown The Brown: Sharing The Joy of Being Single

Valentine’s Day: Single Life and The Joy that comes with it


Crown The Brown: Celebrating Our Single Lives. Valentines Day is a day filled with love. Many associate it with relationships but what about self-love? At Crown The Brown we want to celebrate everyone and the lessons they have learnt throughout the years. So, of course we decided to ask our Crown The Brown fam to share what they love most about the single life and what they have learnt! Here is what they shared with us:


crown the brown single

The idea of being alone shouldn’t terrify you. There isn’t anything wrong in being content with yourself at first. In fact, learning who you are and loving who you are is essentially more important. Relationships might fail sometimes because we try to please our partner so much to a point that we forget who we are, and if that relationship ends, we don’t know how to get up again.

Knowing your Self-worth, obtaining self-respect and having an identity are fundamentals that no one can take away from you. For me, being single gives me a kick-start in exploring myself first, appreciating me for me and building a character that would be my support structure when I fall. I’ve learnt that you can’t truly be happy and content with someone else if you’re not happy and content with yourself.


I’m Trishani Pillay, a beauty blogger, makeup enthusiast/artist and social media manager. What I love about being single is being able to work on my biggest project: myself, achieving my goals independently and becoming a better version of myself.

What I have learnt whilst being single is the importance of self growth, having a good and healthy relationship with myself, allowing me to heal and learn on my own and lastly, learning to be confident and content with myself.


Hi I’m Pranav and I’m single. I live just off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal in a town called Tongaat. I’m Hindu and extremely spiritual. I’d describe my personality as a loudmouth introvert, obviously not at the same time. I’m sometimes super friendly and will talk to anyone but sometimes I’m completely unfriendly and won’t even smile at another person. I’m very vocalized with my opinion on something I feel very strongly about and on other issues I just observe how other people tackle a debate.

I will do anything to help another in need as I believe this is my purpose on earth. Also, I don’t care much for big houses as I might get lost in them, but I do care for good food and lots of Sweetmeats. I enjoy indoor activities that don’t involve the sun and hanging out with friends and playing 30 seconds are a few if my favorite pass times.

The things I love about being single is that I have more time to myself. This extra time to myself has allowed me to introspect and improve on myself. Being single allows you to notice your bad habits and improve them. I also gave more money for food and clothes for myself. Being single has taught me to not rely on another for happiness or comfort. Being single has also taught me that you can only love another if you love yourself. Self love is most important.

The single life has also made me more observant to other couples. Likewise, the types of issues they face and the ways in which they go about solving them. Most couples don’t make it through the bump in the road. Being single has also made me more open to listening to others problems as I have more time. Lastly being single has taught me that true love only comes once and you just have to wait for it.


Crown The Brown: Single

My name is Juwairiyyah Roya. I am a qualified Flight Attendant. Best part of being single : I enjoy making own decisions without consulting or compromising on anything from buying a car , which place to go on vacation to choosing a restaurant to eat at .
One of my favourite things about being single has been getting to know who I am. Getting to know ourselves is a great opportunity. I know it sounds corny and everyone says it , but think about it carefully. While it is true that we can create ourselves into what we want to become. A single person decisions involve only themselves & who they choose to involve in a relationship all decisions have the potential for conflict & complications.


Crown The Brown Single

My name is Darrien Luke Samuel. I am 25 years old turning 26. I am an aspiring singer and actor from Durban. KwaZulu Natal.The thing I love most about being single is that me being happy is totally dependent on myself and not another person. There is no pressure to think or guess how the other person would feel if you made certain choices. I learnt that I have to love myself and only when I totally love myself can I then love and let someone into my life.

Single Pringle!

It is clear that love can be singular or plural! The souls surely know what they love about being single and we don’t blame them! It is always the best feeling to love yourself first. You can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t express any love towards yourself! We hope you are having the best Valentine’s day! Spoil yourself!


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