Posted on December 4, 2019 at 3:51 pm

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Mr Price Beauty Brand Causes Outrage amongst Indians due to Lack of Diversity

Crown The Brown: Mr Price launches Scarlet Hill beauty with 50% off of diversity

South Africa: Mr Price fashion officially launched its beauty brand called Scarlet Hill. The brand seems to be affordable and easily accessible but what about being inclusive? Upon the current launch of the brand, only few celebrations held. It was evident that in our so called “Rainbow nation”, diversity seems to only come in three shades of ethnicity and nothing more!

An entire beauty campaign launched on Mr Price fashion today. However, many noticed something that has been a continuous issue for years in our beauty industry. A lack of REPRESENTATION! For years, South African Indians have made up a huge part of the consumer market. The market consists of so many Indian investors and yet there is still a lack of diversity in the industry! Indians are continuously told that they are not the right “look” for certain campaigns, well maybe that’s because of the euro-centric beauty standards that sadly still exist in our rainbow nation. A standard that should be dismantled! It certainly left many people disappointed!

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Different Shades of Brown Matters

The campaign included a few fair skinned and dark skinned individuals, none of the South Asian descent. A common mistake within these campaigns is that using a fair skinned girl with an Asian background sums up an entire community of South African Indians in the country. What a Joke! #DIFFERENTSHADESOFBROWNMATTERS

Above all, many Indian consumers stated how they spend most of their income on supporting these brands, especially Mr Price. They were extremely devastated to see the lack of representation in the campaign since their Head Quarters are situated in Durban. The city that has the second largest population of Indians outside of India. How do you forget a whole entire ethnic group while situated in Durban!

What is a diverse campaign without the second largest population?  We continuously see campaigns including three main ethnic groups yet never including Indians. We are regarded as “minorities” yet we make up more than half of the population in one city alone. People want brands that are relatable. Brands that are inclusive to different backgrounds, skin colours. body types, hair types and more!

This is extremely oppressive to us as a nation. We deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated as a community as well. What is a rainbow nation with only SELECTIVE colours? We can certainly do better than this!

Have you seen the campaign? Let us know your thoughts! It’s time for us to finally take action. @crownthebrown__

Mr Price's New Beauty Brand Causes Outrage amongst Indians due to Lack of Diversity

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