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Crown The Brown : Preston Govender – The Self-taught Musician

Crown The Brown: Preston Govender

Crown The Brown: Preston Govender

Crown The Brown: Preston Govender. Preston Govender is known by many for his scholastic achievements, his work ethic and killer instrumental talent. He has always been a young man with a life of balance! Many of us regard our hobbies as taking us away from the notion of academics but not for Preston! His love for music balanced out with his love for academics.

Preston’s passion grew to such an extent that he learned to play instruments by ear! The combined scholastic notion and passion for music enabled him to have a thirst for knowledge, especially in music. Preston always believed in bettering his self-taught talent and we decided to find out how!

Who is Preston? How would you describe yourself and your sound as an artist?

I am a goal driven individual and someone who also enjoys academics as much as I enjoy music. I try my best to succeed at whatever goals I set out for myself. I tend to lean towards the pop spectrum of music, but I find myself doing a lot of acoustic renditions of popular songs too.

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When did your love for music start and who/what influenced this passion for music?

I can’t exactly say when my passion for music began, but I remember hearing a tune called “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence on TV. It became one of my favourite songs. I wanted to play guitar like that.

I was on YouTube one day watching acoustic versions of songs and I came across one of the acoustic versions of “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi. I couldn’t read guitar tabs or sheet music at the time and I really wanted to play that song. I ended up watching the video numerous times and by listening to what was being played I mimicked it on my guitar. It was this that made me click and ever since, I could play/learn songs by ear.

It’s been said that you play instruments by ear, what a great technique! Tell us more. Which instruments do you play and when did you figure out this technique?

I’ve always wanted to play the piano, but after learning music theory in an attempt to understand what I was playing on guitar, I took it out to learn the piano the way I initially learnt guitar.

In my free time I’d try and play chords that I could play on guitar or try and replicate what I could do on guitar on the piano by listening to the notes. Once I learned this skill it was easy carrying over to other instruments such as the Ukulele and harmonica.

You are also quite the academic achiever, congratulations on completing your degree! What did you major in and how has music contributed towards your academic success?

I currently have three qualifications to my name. The first two I obtained at Stellenbosch University. I completed my undergrad in BSc Nuclear, Radiation and Health, and Laser Physics. Thereafter I did my postgrad, BScHons in Applied Mathematics.

Even after completing these qualifications I still felt quite unfulfilled as my true passion is music. So I took a year and studied Sound Production at SAE Institute so that I can record and release my own music without having to rely on anyone.

My qualifications has definitely helped take my sound engineering skills to the next level and I have been using my skills to aid and get the most of the self-marketing I’ve been doing.

Preston Govender Crown The Brown

What are some of the challenges you have faced as an upcoming musician?

People don’t see your struggle. They don’t see you working hard in your bedroom learning your instrument, learning a song and learning how to use software. They don’t see the effort you take to record the music and to shoot the video.

The hardest challenge I’ve faced so far is getting support. As a musician, you’ll even find that some of your closest friends might not even share your efforts or support you. This even applies to fellow musicians that should make an effort to lift one another.

It is very discouraging, but once you find a way to overcome that kind of negativity, you start pushing out more and pushing out further.

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What is your favourite genre of music and favourite artists?

As someone who composes/writes songs it is important to be as versatile as possible. I love a wide range of genres, and I hope to incorporate a mixture of these genres in my own original music.

My favourite artists and genres range from Ed Sheeran to The 1975, to Logic, and your old school Rnb and hip-hop and especially your 2000s punk Rock to your 80s classic Rock.

Anything that’s good, catchy and interesting, I will appreciate.

Crown The Brown: Preston Govender

What is one quote that you live by?

It’s not how you start that matters. It’s how you end.

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If you could only have one goal pertaining to your music career within the next five years, what would that goal be?

I do not only want to become a household name in South Africa, I also aspire to reach the international stage and become known in music powerhouses such as Europe and North America.

What advice do you have for other upcoming artists?

Do what you do for yourself. And do it to the best of your ability.

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BSc Nuclear, Radiation and Health, and Laser Physics and BScHons in Applied Mathematics! Preston Govender surely knows how to inspire others in terms of scholastic enjoyment and the overall artistic notion of music!

His work ethic has definitely gotten him an amazing amount of support including us! Preston’s killer vocals and ear for instruments is worth listening to! Be sure to follow his journey on instagram @prestonmusiclive !

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