Posted on July 31, 2019 at 5:55 pm

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Drizzled Made The Most Wonderful Time of The Year #SoMuchBetta

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The #SoMuchBetta Drizzled Winter Festival 2019 Experience

Cape Town, South Africa could not wait for The Winter Festival – Drizzled 2019! One Word to describe it – SENSATIONAL! The 2019 Drizzled event took place at Mason Press in Woodstock. on Sunday, 28 July 2019. A Sunday afternoon filled with good music, food and company. What could be any better? In the words of the Drizzled Team, everything made it #SoMuchBetta!

The Event consisted of banners promoting Girl Power and femininity in honour of Women’s Month. The building was decorated with lights, posters and creative ornaments. It was most certainly eye-catching! We waltz our way through the building only to find an array of food trucks.

WHAT AN AESTHETIC RIGHT? FOOD FOR THE WIN! They had gourmet burgers and boeries (street chef), waffles with chocolate devouring all over it (black kiwi), tacos (tacos locos), mac and cheese balls (58 more bites), pizzas (naked pizza) and so much more!

Let’s just say, it was foodie heaven! While opting to try everything, we opted for a taco – DELISH! It was accompanied by a nice cold drink!

Above all, the bar was filled with endless options. It was busy and buzzing throughout the afternoon! We managed to witness some amazing female talent on the decks. But, to our surprise, we were blessed with not only one performance point but two!

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The event had an indoor and outdoor performance happening simultaneously. Likewise, our ears were graced with  not only DJs hitting the decks indoors but some spoken word outdoors and killer instrumental talent.


Furthermore, the event picked up pretty quickly as the evening came. People were crowding in as they heard the much anticipated beats. We were exceptionally impressed with the line-up. The female power exuded across the indoor and outdoor stage. It certainly left many wanting more!

Similarly, we could simply not keep our feet off of the drizzled dance floor. Every single DJ had their own individual sound. There was a genre for everyone. We had Shady CT, Tiny T, DJ C4, Fizz and Shai-A, MIss Bex, Jay Me, Gina Jeanz and Portia Luma! The Girl Power was souring through the roof! It surely emphasized the talent in the Mother City.

We saw many familiar faces and played some fun games with the likes of The Fix SA and Club X Magazine as well! Similarly, Drizzled brought the fun and people walked out tapping their feet to the beat of House Every weekend! An Anthem forever! What a way to end a weekend and start a new week. It certainly left many people in a good mood. Monday blues might always be evident after a weekend but Drizzled certainly brought a weekend vibe on a Sunday afternoon that everybody deserves to be a part of. In essence, Drizzled made winter Sundays #SOMUCHBETTA !

The Urban Asian , Crown The Brown team would like to extend a warm thank you to Chad Naidoo and his Drizzled Team once again! Team were extremely considerate and helpful.  Thank you for the warm welcome and for making us feel comfortable! It was such an eventful experience and surely a memorable one!

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Be sure to follow Drizzled on their social networks to keep yourself updated on the next event, this summer bringing us Sizzled vibes! Do not miss out on their next event. It is surely going to be Epic! Follow our page to see our updates and gallery regarding Drizzled 2019! More Images on our page!

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