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Crown The Brown: Keeping up with the Rebellious Madhushan Singh

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Crown The Brown Exclusive : Madhushan Singh

South Africa’s Big Screen heartthrob Madhushan Singh shares the exclusive with Crown The Brown! Madhushan Singh, our favourite boyfriend “Prishen” has made a household name for himself.

The Kandasamy heartthrob known as an entertainer, TV presenter and also being a fitness enthusiast. When he is not pumping those arms, he is surely stealing hearts on the big screen! Crown The Brown was able to learn more about this exceptionally talented actor. Here is what Madhushan had to share with us!

Madhushan Singh, actor, TV Presenter and more! How would you describe yourself?

“The rebel without a cause”.

You are extremely passionate about your craft, how did your passion for entertainment evolve over the years and what influenced it?

I come from a very middle class home, so growing up my sister and I would watch movies at home and enact the action and comedy we would watch, I guess that’s when my love for cinema began, I would watch these larger than life characters and just be in complete awe of them.

Today its purely love and adoration to the hours of work put into each project, When you see what goes on for months before you step onto set, you have no choice but to give it 100% of you!

What do you love most about being an actor and why?

There’s a beautiful feeling about walking into a room and almost instantly everyone starts to smile. They watch my films and for some time they forget their troubles, laugh, cry, fall in love. Many people have found a space for me in their hearts shown in the love they send to me.

As an entertainer, what do you think are the challenges many face in the entertainment industry, including yourself?

Firstly, everyone wants to be famous and I get asked a lot, how do I become famous? To which is say, work hard, focus on the craft. Let success follow and fame is just the by-product, don’t live your life seeking social media validation, be free to be you regardless of what people may think.

The second problem is writers in South Africa need to start incorporating Indian characters into productions, not just a bit part or 1 liners, actual characters that develop the story, we are all South African, let us show our mettle on screen too, include us into your productions.

Above all, what would you change in the industry?

When I was younger the South African entertainment industry was unique, it was fresh, it was inclusive. It was educational and I could not wait to watch local programmes.

Today I cannot connect with most of the local programming. Everything is segregated, digital platforms offer more variety of programming. If we truly wish to celebrate unity and change (Ubuntu) and build our nations entertainment industry we need to stop separating people and start bringing communities together and celebrate our culture, our heritage and what makes South Africa unique.

Also, as a South Asian male in the entertainment industry with a well-known platform and successful reputation. How do you use your platform to encourage and inspire other young and talented individuals?

By being authentically myself, I stopped seeking validation from people, opinions do matter but be selective of whose opinion matters. I try and live my life doing what I love. Love eating dhall and rice on a Monday, I work out really hard, I quote from my favourite books.

I watch random films regardless of language and I enjoy being alone with my thoughts, Its important to be able to be alone and enjoy solitude. It helps you heal from the constant barrage of energies that surround you all day and never over look the little pleasures of life, an Ice cream on a hot day or a mutton bunny on a Friday. Once you embrace your madness, success, happiness and prosperity will find you.

Have you experienced any stereotypes or challenges within the industry? How important is South Asian representation to you? 

I think the inclusion of the South Asian communities into film and television needs to be re-energized. The last 2 films saw incredible interest and support from these communities. Also more importantly acceptance within us needs to happen, celebrating our culture, our food, our music and owning who we are and what makes us special. I haven’t experienced stereotyping in the South African industry, although there has been discussion of my complexion and dialect.

Similarly, The Kandasamy Sequel has officially launched and we are so proud of the amazing cast and crew behind such a beautiful story! What do you hope that the audience learns from this movie and what have you learned from it?

It’s a tribute to the mother. It’s a celebration of the big fat Indian wedding. I just want everyone to have a great time, laugh, cry and walk out that cinema with a smile on your face and a tear the eye. The journey of my character propelled me to search for a more in-depth look at a boy going on the journey to be a man.

I did a lot of character research and brought out as many emotions as I could to give the character arc as much detail as written by Jayan Moodley and Rory Booth, I was fortunate to be supported by such an amazing cast, crew and Director.

You are known for being quite the fitness enthusiast, what are your 5 top tips for a healthy lifestyle and how would you define being healthy?
  1. Laugh out loud
  2. Don’t eat carbs after 2pm
  3. Cardio before uses energy, cardio after burns calories
  4. Protein shakes are not meal replacements
  5. Building your body takes time, don’t look for quick results.
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Being healthy is being happy.

You are also an avid reader, what book are you currently reading and what are your top 3 favourite books?

Right now I am reading “The political power of poetry and its role in the Immigrant Experience by Adreinne Rich.

I cannot select 3 favourite because books help mould you at different stages of life and had I not read each and every one, I would not be the person I am today, having said that, the last 3 books I did read were,

“The subtle art of not giving a F#ck” by Mark Manson.

“Start with the Why’ by Simon Sinek.

“The tower at Moonville” by Stephen Elboz.

Are there any future upcoming projects that we should look forward to?

It’s an interesting time in the industry, production seems to be where I plan to go next.

Furthermore, as an entertainer, we are sure you live by certain inspirational words of others that have influenced you. What is one saying or quote that you live by?

Being the best is great, you are number 1 but being unique is greater, you are the only 1.

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Madhushan Singh is certainly more than just an actor. He is such an entertainer, fitness enthusiast and an avid reader. Not every day that we get to embrace a man of many talents. We love how Madhushan has taken every phase of his life and transformed it with regards to his growth and career as an individual rather than remaining stagnant.

Similarly, many of us can learn from this as knowledge is power. Madhushan surely knows how to use his own experiences and turn them into a craft filled with passion! Be sure to check out his amazing work and get your ticket for Kandasamys The Wedding! Follow Madhushan‘s journey as well, @madhushan_singh .

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