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Rohini Bisaal: Dentist, Model and Life Beyond Social Media

Crown The Brown: Rohini Bisaal, The Believer of Visionary Manifestations

Rohini Bisaal model, dentist, social media, believer in visionary manifestations

Crown The Brown has a community filled with optimistic souls and one soul that is sure to keep everyone buoyant is none other than dentist, model, dancer and brand ambassador Dr. Rohini Bisaal! Rohini is well-known for always sharing her aspirations for herself and others. She resides in Durban South Africa and work as a Dentist. Similarly, a former student from the University of the Western Cape, Rohini has surely made a name for herself. A part from her outstanding community influence and self-love journey, we have learned a lot about this beautiful soul! We just had to find out more and share it with our Crown The Brown community! Rohini shared her life beyond social media as a practitioner, South Asian and self-love advocate to all! Here is what we learned about Dr. Rohini Bisaal.

Dental surgeon, model, dancer, and all around triple threat! Who is Rohini Bisaal? How would you describe yourself?

I see myself as a ball of energy (you weren’t expecting that now were you). Introspection and my overall life’s journey have taught me some valuable lessons along the way. What the world sees me as is all a result of my inner nurturing. So the best way to answer this question is to give you all an idea about that. I am a physical manifestation of my most focused thoughts. Seeing myself as an energy system with unbounded potential. Which has the ability to create life according to what my soul loves and craves.

Also, always believing that when we nurture ourselves, we nurture those around us. A belief that is certainly a huge part of my life. I have this high affinity to reach out to people in a positive light. Similarly, to be a small spark of hope. I guess the result of my life, as you’ve mentioned above serves to inspire others which is ultimately what best describes me. Likewise, “I am” are the most powerful words you can place before you introduce yourself so every day I positively affirm what I wish to exude in the world. I am constantly changing and for that I am grateful.

Above all, you are quite passionate about your occupation as many ought to be. What brought about the passion for Dentistry? When did you find this love for dentistry?

My journey or rather love for Dentistry started when I was around 13 years old. I had to get braces placed to align my then called “bunny teeth”. As unbelievable and crazy as this sounds, I actually enjoyed my orthodontic treatment. I was intrigued by how the process worked and let’s not forget, choosing a cool colour of elastics when going for my 6 weekly check-up. I then shadowed a dental setting and did some research on Dentistry as a whole and realized that it could potentially be something I enjoy. And now here I am, thoroughly enjoying my profession. It’s a profession that allows room for constant progression and growth.

Dr. Rohini BIsaal

Who motivated you the most and why?

My younger self who lacked self-confidence and was bullied in school. I know how she felt and what she went through so I guess the struggle was deep-rooted and one that I can truly understand. Perhaps one day I will tell my story

If you could change anything within your field of study, what would you change or incorporate for your patients?

I’ve always wanted to eliminate the process of taking impressions for patients but I’m so glad that has now been solved by a new technology that simply scans your mouth or the desired area. Otherwise, I would like to change the perception people have of dentists. Many people are fearful and scared of dentists due to a previously bad experience or because of what they’ve heard via people whom have been to a dentist. Dentistry in the past was a daunting experience for many due to the scary noises, painful injections, the dreaded words of a root canal treatment and the overall approach of the dentist. However, technological advancements and focus on patient care is given much more priority now which I feel is a great start to implement positive views of a dental visit.

Apart from your busy schedule, you are also a public figure and model. What do you enjoy the most about having such a big platform? How do you use your platform to encourage others?

I am grateful to have such a platform as it allows me to reach out to so many souls out there whom are looking for a small spark of inspiration or information that they may need at that specific time. With regards to the modelling industry, I myself did not expect it to take such a positive turn as a part-time career. My experience allows me to reach out to young girls or even guys who are interested in modelling and provide as much guidance and advice as I can.

My platform is centred a lot on being authentic and unapologetic in nature, regardless of what ideals society may set out for you. I’ve noticed that this gives many youngsters the confidence to fully embrace their individuality and embark on new journeys.

You are such an optimist and I love how you engage with others on a daily basis. We have seen you engage in multiple activities to inspire others regarding well-being such as nature, yoga, health tips and more. How would you define well-being and why do you think it is so important for people to take care of themselves?

Well-being when separated means “being well”. Now if you really take some time to think about it carefully, it includes all that makes you feel good. This is case dependent to many however I do tend to focus on the basics. I cannot stress how imperative it is for individuals to do something out of their normal daily routines. It not only makes you feel energized but also allows you to learn so much more about yourself. When you do this, you unlock certain potentials within yourself which can aid in your overall growth as well as those around you. Mindfulness, meditation and spirituality is an incredibly important part of my life. It opens up a path of self-discovery and allows you to truly connect with yourself.

On your social media platforms, you are such a great supporter of equality and empowerment. As a working individual, what challenges do you face in the work setting or in any setting in general that you think impacts many people?

I’ve actually experienced some surprised reactions in the working environment. My patients realizing that I am a female dentist and not a male dentist. I think it is actually refreshing and allows for a shift in mind-set for individuals. Similarly, to realize that women too can thrive in a once male dominated profession. There has already been such a major shift in dentistry. Where there are many more females now qualifying opposed to males. I’m also frequently asked how I managed to extract teeth, My reply is always, it’s not about the strength, it’s about the technique. So you have to always be bold, confident and unapologetic as women in society.

Furthermore, As you know, we strive ourselves on South Asian representation and awareness. As a South Asian female, what are some stereotypes you have heard or experienced? Those you wish would change. How do you use your platform to create more South Asian awareness around social issues?

I am grateful to have followers from around the world on my social media. Similarly, those whom have messaged me and were surprised that I even celebrated Diwali. Usually, because we are associated with not being born in India, there may be a void in understanding of what cultural practices are performed in South Africa. By embracing our culture and showcasing it boldly via platforms will definitely create more awareness to those around the world. It is always important to be proud of your heritage and carry forth cultural practice. I however am I person who likes to question a lot. I always like asking elders or research why certain practices are performed.

Being a spiritual being, what are five tips you can give our readers in terms of de-cluttering negative energy and being able to become more optimistic within themselves?

-Take approximately 30 minutes a day to focus on your breathing whilst maintaining an upright posture. This way you are increasing the oxygen flow throughout your body which I feel brings about awareness and clarity

-Practice doing at least one gesture a day that will put a smile on another’s face. And it’s better when you don’t have to make it known at all

-Read an inspirational extract daily, preferably before you start your day

-Get a journal and write down what you’re grateful for after every day. This is incredibly powerful

-Smile and laugh as much as you can 🙂

Above all, you are a firm believer of self-love and self-growth, what advice would you give our readers, especially those who might be struggling with their self-worth?

Always know that you are enough, REGARDLESS. I believe that we have within us this unlimited potential that has the ability to create such magic in this world. I believe that when we have a healthy support structure and are surrounded by positive energy and affirmations, we can create a whirlwind of magnificence. Always invest in yourself and take time to truly understand what ignites certain emotions within you, how it makes you feel and most importantly, who makes you feel certain ways. Simply, take the time to truly know yourself and nurture your being accordingly.

What is your favourite quote that you incorporate in your daily endeavors?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” Steve Jobs.

Not only is Rohini Bisaal an amazing public figure and brand ambassador, she has such an optimistic influence on others. Filled with optimism, intellect and compassion. Rohini Bisaal is surely more than just her occupation and lifestyle! Rohini has inspired many young girls towards a journey of self-love and acceptance. Join the movement! Follow Rohini on instagram @rohinibisaal.

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