Posted on March 31, 2019 at 7:28 am

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Musical Doc Revolutionises Hip Hop With ‘Melanin and Honey’

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Musical Doc Revolutionises Hip Hop With ‘Melanin and Honey’

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 – Los Angeles, California – Singer and songwriter, The Musical Doc revolutionizes hip hop culture, by flaunting avantgarde style, embracing a notorious attitude and emboldening the revolutionary movement of melanin through her novelty music video ‘Melanin and Honey’ on Friday, March 22nd, 2019.

Directed by Khil Datta, the featured single is embellished with a stripped down beat produced by A.Reddy and Peter Madana which complements The Musical Doc’s ranging flow and powerhouse vocals. While highlighting the untouchable, queen of the throne with her diverse female ‘boss bish’ posse, ‘Melanin and Honey’ luxuriates lavish flair (implemented by celebrity stylist, Ambika Sanjana) flaunts crisp choreography (executed by Kavita Rao, founder of Karmagraphy Entertainment) and amplifies
the underlying statement of whole-heartedly accepting to be ‘unapologetically you’
“Although there’s a lot of positive change and movement behind the subject of melanin – it’s still a topic that needs to be openly and fearlessly talked about.

Not everyone has that freedom around the world because of deep-rooted social and cultural norms and even if people do have this freedom, it’s a taboo topic and uncomfortable to talk about. ‘Melanin and Honey’ was made in hopes to break that cycle and represent people of all skin, body and hair types. I don’t want
future generations growing up being told they can’t play a sport, dress a certain way, find a great job or even get an education just because of the way they look or the color of their skin/hair. I’m striving to uplift their voices and share their stories” says The Musical Doc, sharing the mystifying lesson behind ‘Melanin and Honey’ ‘Melanin and Honey’ conveys wealth and empowerment in all realms.

Alongside, The Musical Doc and her melanin tribe swaying to a hypnotic chorus and glorifying the wordplay of “white coats to black notes,” the track endorses men and women of all cultural backgrounds to unconditionally accept who they are in whatever fabulous form it may be. ‘Melanin and Honey’ is a contemporary rhythmic video that stimulates all the five senses, ingeniously plows into shattering stereotypes and voluntarily steps into the light of the essential movement.


Dr. Varshini Muralikrishnan, commonly renowned as ‘THE MUSICAL DOC’ curates an
the exceptional genre of music by fueling inspiration and innovation to amplify diversity, soul and higher consciousness through her artistic philosophy. Born and bred into a family of musical connoisseurs, Varshini’s identity and upbringing was defined through Classical South Indian Carnatic music. Her parents being immigrants and working persistently to mold their reality of “The American Dream” she was encouraged to pursue a ‘stable’ career as a doctor, after the completion of high school. Today, she is The Musical Doc – an authentic singer, songwriter,
performer and producer who has forfeited her role as a legitimate medical doctor and genuinely strives to make an impact globally with her education, awareness and artistic expression. She has achieved prestigious accomplishments as a soloist and a featured performer, utilizing the respectable platforms of Hollywood Bowl, Sydney Opera House, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The United Nations Headquarters and much more to mesmerize audiences. Being a fiery melanin woman of today that has been on an extraordinary journey of dominating self-love, The Musical Doc dedicates her second chance at life in speaking her truth, breaking barriers with her creative compositions and relentlessly changing the dynamics for oppressed conversations.

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