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Crown The Brown: Thagen and Ashlyn – Our February Favourite Love Story

Crown The Brown:  Thagen and Ashlyn – An Endless Love

Crown The Brown:  Thagen and Ashlyn - An Endless Love

We are celebrating couples on crown the brown during the month of love and an interesting story worth celebrating is Thagen and Ashlyn. They are known for being such a strong unit. Also never being fearful of sharing their truth.  Thagen and Ashlyn have celebrated years of love and have recently added a bundle of joy to the party! In light of the LGBTQ community, we felt that this love story deserved to be shared for many others to experience. The pure and genuine love. One we all wish to experience and how strong they remain despite the opinions of others.

Thagen and Ashlyn met in a library. That is where they first locked eyes. It was mentioned that Thagen recognized Ashley from previous contact exchanges on a popular app at the time, called “mxit”. As Ashlyn was reading, Thagen noticed that the magazine was upside down. Romcom moment right?! Fit enough to say Ashlyn caught his attention.

They have been inseparable ever since and have been together since 2011 and have recently gotten married! They have shared 8 beautiful years together as partners. That is surely worth celebrating! Thagen mentioned that there is a lot to love about his partner. He mentioned the dashing looks and captivating smile! Being together for 8 years, he learned that he loved Ashlyn for more than any of his physical qualities. You learn a lot about someone when you spend so much time together.

Even though they express their love openly, we always find that society thinks differently of a love within the same-sex spectrum. We asked Thagen his thoughts on being in the public eye and what he struggles with regarding society and his sexuality.

Thagen said:

“As much as we don’t care what people think, it does get to us that above all our professional lives is constant target; in saying that a lot of people love and care for us irrespectively. “

As a South Asian couple, they have overcome many online attacks and judgment from those in society. It is not easy growing up in an old fashioned society such as ours. Thagen mentioned a few challenges he experienced within society as a homosexual couple.

When asked about his challenges, this is what Thagen mentioned:

“The biggest challenge is the way most people treat you on the bases of you sexuality. To start of it wasn’t easy at all. We were young and 8years ago being Gay was way more difficult than now. Religion is always thrown at us. Even when we were planning our wedding (some temple declined). We have had tons of social media slander over the years. If we had to walk holding hands in the mall or on the beach, we become targeted and public ridicule. “

Furthermore, Thagen mentioned that there is a stereotype attached to being a homosexual especially in South Asian communities. He stated that many people reflect on being “Indian” and how homosexuality is “not an Indian thing”. People continuously worry about what others will say. He mentioned that people perceive someone as being homosexual due to either having been molested or raped in the past. Thagen stated that many people kept saying it was a phase and that if they marry females, the “gay phase” would fade away.

Even thought we still find narrow minded individuals roaming the streets within this century The LGBTQ community is embraced and openly celebrated. There are so many changes that are being made regarding this community and we asked Thagen what he would change regarding peoples’ perception of the LGBTQ community. He mentioned the perception of gay being a choice.

“Nobody chooses to be gay. It’s not a lifestyle choice. Being gay is not an abnormality either.”

With their reigning love, they have recently welcomed a third member into their beautiful companionship. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy to share their joy with. His name is Shivash and has changed their lives completely.


We also asked Thagen about this experience as a parent. We wanted to know how parenting has changed his relationship and what Thagen and Ashlyn learned about being parents.

“Well for starters we’re Dads’. We both love and adore children. Both Ash and I share the same sentiments, we feel more responsible as we are accountable for Shivash. We have lent for one that our home will have toys all over and we have to baby proof everything. As a family this bond has made must stronger together.”

As same-sex parents, Thagen and Ashlyn have also experienced some backlash being in the public eye. Thagen mentioned that people continuously ask how they have a child if they are homosexual. Which is a private matter and nobody’s business. Come on Peggy, keep moving! The details of how they were able to add onto their family is not important but that they are happy together.


Above all, Thagen had some beautiful advice to share for those struggling with their sexuality because of society and accepting themselves.

“Love yourself and focus on you and what makes you happy to be alive, everything and everyone else will fall into place. I end by reiterating that God Loves you, he created you beyond your sexuality and you have a purpose; so love, live and embrace. “

We wish this lovely couple a beautiful and blessed marriage! We love how strong they are and the ways in which they express their love. Most importantly, we are glad that Shivash has a happy home with two loving parents. Their hopes being to instill values such as humanity, emotional strength, success, discipline and peace.

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