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Crown the Brown: Goodbye Cosmopolitan SA’s Sexiest Men & Hello SA’s Sexiest South Asian Men!

Crown The Brown introduces SA’s Sexiest South Asian Men.

Crown The Brown introduces the SA Sexiest Indian Men List. Eat your Heart out Cosmopolitan SA

Cosmopolitan SA’s sexiest men’s list recently came out and it left our Crown the Brown team baffled. The article had a list of South Africa’s sexiest men. None of which featured any South Asian faces. South Africa is democratic and working towards being more diverse. Similarly, many industries have added more diversity in the work place and more. The lack of representation left us questioning this “diversity” stance in the country. It seems like diversity reigns strictly between two looks and nothing further for Cosmopolitan SA. Scrolling through the list, we never imagined the horror of not seeing a talented South African Indian on the list. Many of the candidates had toned bodies, pockets filled with cash and lavish stories. What about sharing some real men? Maybe men with more than just a body dripped in oil. Men with authenticity, real life struggles and personality to match their amazing looks.

Furthermore, despite the sad reality that is Cosmopolitan SA, we decided to write up our own list. We decided to celebrate our South African Indian men. After all, representation matters in a democratic country. So if you are not represented, someone will surely find a way to bring the heat! We are often labeled as “minorities” and hardly ever celebrated for what we do! It is time to represent ourselves in the best way possible! So here we are, Crown The Brown bringing you our South African Indian Men. The sexiest South Asian Men of South Africa, in no particular order. Behold, the spice is just right on this list!

Rory Booth

Rory Booth Crown The Brown

South African  film and theatre actor, recording artist, dancer  and accomplished film writer. Known for his writing credits in ‘Keeping Up with the Kandasamys’ and ‘Kandasamys: The Wedding’. Also Known for creating humorous content on social media depicting the lives of many South Asians and more. Rory knows how to bring some relatable and fun filled content using his amazing theatrical skills, not to mention his angelic voice! Hitting notes that leave us speechless and wanting more! Album please!!!

Madhushan Singh

Madhushan Singh

Madhushan started his journey into radio at 12. Signed his first theatre role at 15. Signed his first feature film as a lead actor at 19. He completed his studies in HR. Returned to acting in 2015 for The Durban International Film Festival Himmat. Joined the cast for Keeping up with the Kandasamys in 2016 and 2017. Also joined Uzalo on SABC and did a film called Loves Reject. In 2018, the sequel for the Kandasamy wedding was shot and I am sure we are all excited for that to premier!

Dr. Riaad Moosa

Riaad Moosa Crown The Brown

Well-known for his amazing stand-up comedy shows! Riaad Moosa is a comedian and medical doctor! Known for his lead role in the movie material that impacted so many South Asians. Telling the relatable story regarding the ultimate passion and the reality of being in an Indian family.  A comedian we all admire and love for his authenticity and so much more!

Ameen Harron

Ameen Harron

Musician at heart with his pop-afro beats, sensational lyrics, an array of malleable sound skills and award-winning collaborations with some of the biggest names in South Africa. At the age of 12, Ameen developed an interest in the turntables. At 14, Ameen began experimenting with music production on his PC where he discovered the art of musical creation.

Furthermore, adding to his list of accomplishments, Ameen Harron won the Loerie Gold Winner in 2016 for best original music and sound design, as well as producing the albums for AKA and Kwesta which both went platinum. His songs spent 6 weeks at Number One on multiple radio stations nationwide. Ameen Harron is certainly a forced to be reckoned with in the musical world.

Sheen Skaiz


Sheen Skaiz

Sheen Skaiz,  Rapper, Songwriter, Producer and Visual artist from Durban, South Africa. Known for collaborating with amazing South African artists. Sheen won Jagermeister’s Back The Artist. He worked with Die Antwoord’s DJ Hi Tek. Get Right with Sketchy Bongo, which charted at number 1 for ten weeks on 5fm and number 3 on the Trace Urban SA Hip Hop charts. It trended on MTV BASE. Today he counts Kwesta, Tellaman and Big Star as some of his collabos. He was also nominated for a SAMA,

Akshar Birbal

Akshar Birbal

Mr India South Africa Ambassador. Akshar is  an LLB Graduate and Candidate Attorney. A part from law, Akshar is also a model for Absolute SA! He is a familiar face to many that adore Hinasc Eastern Wear in Durban. Bringing the Bollywood fairytale alive one kurta at a time!

Jeremiah Govender

Jeremiah Govender

Born in KwaZulu-Natal. Jeremiah is a Topco Model in Cape Town and is completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. A man with a purpose for sure! He is known for his commitment to fitness and education. He is worth listing for showcasing that with good looks, brains surely do fit the part!

Prev Reddy

Prev Reddy Crown the Brown

Prev Reddy brings the heat to social media with his hilarious antics and skits. Aunty Vassie’s favourite reporter of course. Prev is not only an online content creator but is an amazing actor and comedian. He is a stand up comedian by profession. Prev has used his comical skills within social media to create an amazing platform for many South Asians by creating content that everyone can relate to. Looks and personality, what a combination!

Treven Moodley

Treven Moodley Crown The Brown

Treven is a well-known public figure in Durban South Africa. He has reigned many carpets with his killer fashion sense. He completed his studies in Architecture and finds beauty in everything content worthy! From eastern wear, to modern day fashion. Treven surely knows how to bring the heat with his creative styling and lifestyle creations.

There you have it Crown The Brown Fam! Our list of amazing South Asian men in South Africa. The list is in no particular order!! It would be unfair to rank these magnificent young men. They all have tremendous stories and are truly trend setters within our Brown community! Take that Cosmopolitan SA. Our South Asian men are too hot to handle because they are more than just pretty faces and toned abs. We believe in more than just a physical appearance to be called Sexy. As we said, representation matters.

Our South Asian men surely know how to bring the spice and we will gladly deliver it on a silver platter. This is only the tip of the iceberg, we are sure that there are many more beautiful South African men worth mentioning. Please do tag them and let us know who your favourite is! Tell us who you think we should add and why! Be sure to follow us on instagram and twitter – @crownthebrown_


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