Posted on November 6, 2018 at 10:01 pm

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Crown The Brown: Diwali Memories That Keep the Light Alive

Our Favourite Diwali Memories!

Crown The Brown

Crown The Brown: Diwali comes but once a year, but the memories never fade! With Diwali lighting up our homes, we decided to share some amazing memories. Our Crown The Brown Community shared their fondest Diwali memories, some in childhood spirit and some recent memories. We could not help but share these awesome and loving memories with our readers! Hence, here is what some of our members had to say:


Anaya Vasudha Bolar (@anayavasudha_dance)

Anaya Vasudha Bolar

“I got to spend Diwali with my family in Kasaragod (border of Kerala) back in 2008. It was so beautiful.”


Sameshni and Kuvaniah (@twobrowngirls)

Two Brown Girls - Sameshni and Kuvaniah


“Our fondest Diwali memories were the ones we spent together. They were also the first ones we spent away from home. It almost felt sad at the beginning, especially because Durban is a whole vibe during Diwali. It was rather quiet in Grahamstown, where we were studying.”

“By the second year we did it, thought it felt very special. We had our closest friends over to celebrate with us. This was even more special because none of them had ever celebrated Diwali before and there weren’t too many Brown kids in Gtown. We got dresses up, lit some sparklers, took some cool photos together and watched Devdas for the first time. Well their first time, we mean: it wasn’t even our first time for the year.”

“The thing about Deepavali is that is just feels like home. So i can be a very difficult time if you aren’t actually at home. Realizing that there’s a little bit of your home with you wherever you go, that has to be our fondest memory.”


Tyra Naidoo (@tyra_naidoo)

Tyra Naidoo

“Every year my grandmother spends weeks making big platters of sweet meats to deliver to each of her kids.”


Divya (@browngurlmagic)

Diwali - Divya

“Diwali Safai. Game of Cards. My House full of lights and that Happy feeling.”


Sashin Kandhai (@sashinkandhai)

Sashin Kandhai


“All us kids in the neighbourhood getting together and sharing our fireworks. Every Year!”


Devashni Ganess (@devashni_ganess)

Devashni Ganess

“My favourite memories of Deepavali is lighting the lamps around the house in the evening. Eating all the yummy sweet meats while waiting for the rain to stop, because it ALWAYS rains on Deepavali! Showers of blessings!”


Priyanka (@positivelypri)

“Being with my cousins who I don’t get to see very often. Also having fun and enjoying my culture.”



“Not doing fireworks for the first time in 2014 and similarly never repeating that habit of fireworks.”


Avanthi (@forever_avi)


“The time I was peeved off because I couldn’t understand why we don’t get Diwali presents!”


Vibhuti-Sheena Patel (@missvibhuti)

Vibhuti Patel

“Spending time with my family and friends.”

I guess we can all say that Diwali surely keeps a memory that we all hold dear to our hearts! Being the festival of lights, Diwali has been an auspicious time for us all. It is a day filled with love, family, food and the divine light! It is surely the time of year where we all get together and celebrate our loved ones. Happy Diwali to all our readers! We are sure that this Diwali will bring lots of blessings and divine light into your heart and soul! Hoping for more amazing memories to come for each and every one of you!


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