Posted on November 22, 2018 at 7:50 pm

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Crown The Brown: And then he yelled, “Go Back To India!”

Crown The Brown: “Go Back to India” seems to be the alternative for those against us

Crown The Brown

Crown The Brown family, How many times have you heard a racist remark such as “Go Back to India”. In your own country or even in the one you grew up in? I guess racism never stops! Today, I witnessed racism in its filthy and disgusting attire. Dressed in black, eyes hidden with sunglasses and a mouth slithering the words of horror. I never imagined in all my years, that someone would utter those words but I knew it was something people experience on a daily basis.

A small altercation started due to some incorrect information being shared amongst two men, one of them being my very South Indian father. Words were exchanged, looks were given and hands were swaying back and forth.. until the words turned to utter poison. The man that decided to add frustration to our day, decided to add something into his meaningful argument. Something that he knew would make my father’s temperature BOIL! The man cursed at my father , mother and I until he reached a point where he yelled the inevitable phrase, “GO BACK TO INDIA!”.

Go Back to India

India? We are South African Citizens, born and raised. Nobody has the right to ever assume or even suggest that. It was not the first time. But this surely hurt. No daughter wants to hear a racist remark being yelled towards their parents, let alone parents who sacrificed everything for their kids! It was a sight that left me speechless. I watched the rage appear and every pure bone in my fathers body disappear.

Racist remarks are everywhere, but how often do people consider what it does to others? Similarly, some of it is most probably not for the faint hearted! Why is it so easy to use ignorance and think it is worth the argument?

People confuse Islam and Hinduism. They cannot pronounce our names. Do not know our history and yet they open the floor towards judgment! Yes, we are the second largest population in the world and we are here to stay. Immerse yourself in our history before using your ignorance against us. India is just the beginning, but we have no end!

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