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Crown The Brown: Domestic Violence Awareness Month with Punita Sala

National Domestic Violence Awareness with Wellness and Health Educator Punita Sala

Punita Sala- Domestic Violence


October, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and who better than wellness and health educator Punita Sala to share it with us! Punita Sala is a fitness influencer, writer, certified mental and physical health coach and registered dental therapist.

Punita‘s purpose is to motivate women and men to be the best versions of themselves. Her mission, to change mental and fitness standards. Above all, bringing more inclusivity to the table for South Asian women through empowerment!

The goal for Punita is to rather bridge the gap between mind and body by boosting and motivating the mental state of others.

Furthmore, Punita lives by the motto to thrive not just survive. We had the opportunity to shed some light on domestic violence with Punita Sala. Similarly, this is what Punita had to share:

So firstly, Punita Sala. All around bad-ass boss lady! Health and wellness educator, woman of empowerment. Tell us a bit more about the phenomenal woman behind the name!

I was born in New Delhi and grew up in Vancouver. From a very early age, I have questioned the culture norms and challenged the double standards for women. I am passionate about empowering the suppressed and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. I feel our time is limited here on earth and we have to blaze new trails and break as many taboos as we can so the next generation can get a jump start. My intention is pure and my space is my opportunity to help others heal and reach a thriving life. Hence my name- Punita (pure) Sala (space, mix) stands behind my intention. You can find my coaching courses at .

We are aware that you are quite well-known for health and wellness. As it is the month of October, domestic violence awareness is extremely prevalent during this month and I am sure our readers would like to hear your thoughts on this topic. What does domestic violence mean to you?

Wellness means as a sentient being, our mental state and physical state are in harmony. To me there is another layer that’s a lot of times overlooked. EMOTIONAL STATE is a major part of our well-being and health. DV (Domestic Violence) to me is the ultimate betrayal. It’s usually originates from a trusted familiar person so the damage it occurs on the victim is heavy. To me DV is extremely detrimental for children to experience because it effects them into their adult life. And women who experience it on a regular basis start identifying DV as the only form of love. We as a culture have the power to wake up to the fact that we are rotting ourselves away by not changing this behaviour.

It is said that one in four women experience domestic violence during their lifetime as posted by you. How do you feel about that fact? What triggers you the most about it?

You know 4 women. I know 4 women. They may not all be my best friends but I know them good enough. Some not so well even but are sweet neighbors or co-workers or my daughters teachers… one of any of those four women are experiencing some form of domestic violence. It doesn’t always have to be physical abuse for it to not to be an unhealthy relationship. That triggers me the most. It makes me sad and fueled with dedication to raise education on this topic so those 1 in every 4 women have a chance at making it out. Everyone deserves safe love.

So, domestic violence can include more than just physical violence right? What do you think is the biggest challenge that most domestic violence victims face in their toxic relationships?

I feel the biggest challenge victims face is breaking free from perceiving even if a relationship is not physically abusive, it’s not healthy and they deserve more and better. Victims usually are terrified and experience a range of emotions like fear, worry and stress. On top of that their self-esteem is low and leaving an abusive relationship can seem daunting and like they are an outcast since everyone around them seems to act like it’s normal. Their world becomes isolated so they start hiding the problem.

How has domestic violence awareness impacted on your life personally?

It created a sense of void that was complex to understand for a long time. I chose partners that were emotionally and verbally abusive. I knew physical abuse very well but was naive when it came to manipulation. It effected my self-esteem which trickled into all areas of my life. I also have this unshakable need to not stay quiet about shit that’s wrong. I did that for so long.

What would you like to change with regards to the increase of domestic violence? How would you try to increase awareness?

I feel its imperative to also try to understand the abusers too. The victims are definitely in desperate need of our support but why is this cycle of abusers keeps repeating. Where are the men learning this to be okay? I am not saying they are innocent but why don’t we try to look at this issue as a whole from all parties involved.

What do you think us as females can do regarding domestic violence?

Try hard to not ignore it. Its impact and effects. And to not lose a piece of ourselves. There  are cases of women abusers showing up because of pent up anger and frustration. Whatever the factors are, this problem is morphing and we need to start addressing it.

As a female that practices health and wellness, how do you think domestic violence affects our well-being in general? What can it lead to?

Damn right DV effects our well-being. My blood f^%& boils when I hear grown adults make excuses for men acting this way. “Oh he had a long day” “she should have been better prepared with dinner” “oh its ok all couples fight”.

I cannot be the only one to see how everything is wrong about the above statements. WE AS A SOCIETY have start being accountable that we have a plague like problem among us and dedicate ourselves, take a vow to work on it together and tackle it. We have to try to make the future a little better for the next generation. Leaving a better more mature and evolved future requires for us to the self-introspection kind of work. We have to realize it is the only way to have a positive mental health but it’s important of the wellness of us all.

Being an advocate for woman empowerment and standing against domestic violence. What advice would you give to anyone that is currently a victim of domestic violence striving towards their freedom and well-being?

It is very scary but there are resources. You have to call 1-800-799-7233 and be brave and rescue yourself. There are far better things waiting ahead of us than any we left behind. My personal message to the DV victims—“Be brave and remember—IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. You didn’t ask for it. You don’t deserve it. It’s not a test of your strength or your love. This is not love. You can get out of it”.

Punita was featured in Cameron Diaz @thelookbook recently and will be published as the woman to watch out for in November issue of  @strongfitnessmagazine. She is a regular contributor @browngirlmag. Her LLC business+ website  is

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