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Crown The Brown: Heritage Day “Brown and Proud” Favorites

South African Heritage Day with a splash of Desi Pride for 2018!

As a South African, Heritage Day is a day where pride takes its given course! South African’s celebrate their culture and the wide range of diversity on this day.

Indians in South Africa are however still  “minorities” in many eyes despite Durban being the “largest Indian” city outside of India!

On this joyful day, many beautiful South African Indians celebrate their backgrounds.

Above all, South African Indians embraced this day by showing what Desi culture really entails. We have chosen a few favorites to share with you!

Valencia Bogdanovic

Valencia Bogdanovic - heritage day

Born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, Valencia is no stranger to her heritage! Blogger, Influencer, brown and proud. Knows her passion and her love of fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

Valencia - Heritage day

Here is what Valencia had to say about her heritage;

Brown & proud, present day generation! I have traveled to many places and I’ve made friends all over the world. Some who couldn’t understand how an Indian girl came from South Africa. Our people were brought here to be slaves/laborers, but look at us now. We have definitely come a long way. So when people see me, I hope they don’t just see a bunny chow! I hope you see our rich heritage that has made us who we are today. I am pretty sure it was not easy for my forefathers/ancestors when they came over here to a foreign land has laborers, but I am proud of the way they paved for me. Our culture/traditions may be slightly diluted, partially because we live in such a diverse country (which in my opinion is a beautiful thing, so don’t get me wrong), but nevertheless we are a strong people and we should never forget our heritage.

Reevana Govender 

Reevana Govender _ Heritage day
Mrs India Worldwide RU 2016 and Mrs South Africa Top 5 finalist in 2017, Reevana surely has not forgotten her roots. Similarly, being an optometrist and Regional Sales Manager, Reevana is a hard working mother.
Reevana - Heritage day
Here is what Reevana had to say about her heritage;
“My heritage is like an essential artery that feeds my love for life. I am so proud to be able to embrace my Indian ancestry and my African land. As South African’s we get to share our unity in diversity. It’s our uniqueness that embodies the spirit of Ubuntu.”

Rohini Bisaal

Rohini Bisaal - heritage day
South African Model, Dentist and Brand Ambassador for Miss UniWorld South Africa, Rohini Bisaal is not afraid to step out and embrace her individuality. Rohini is a role model to all young girls! She encourages self-love and positive vibes.
Rohini Bisaal- heritage day
This is her unique take on this joyous day:
“I am first South African and then I am Indian. What a beautiful time to be alive. To meet, connect, experience and be a part of the unique traditions and cultures within S.A. Thank you to everyone from various backgrounds whom I’ve learnt from.” 
Furthermore, so many beautiful “Brown and Proud” moments that were displayed this Heritage day, be sure to view them below:

Shamyra Moodley

Shamyra Moodley - Heritage day

Riashri Moodley

Riashri Moodley'- heritage day

Sayurika Govender

Sayurika Govender

Deeshana Gangaram

Deeshana Gangaram - heritage day


It is clear that South African Desi girls are brown and proud! Follow Crown The Brown for more South Asian awareness!


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