Posted on July 27, 2023 at 8:58 am

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#Exclusive: South African Born Indian Poet Ekta Somera Will Leave You Speechless!

 Poet Ekta Somera Will Leave You Speechless!

South Africa’s literary niche is still developing and features an amazing new talent. Ekta Somera is an Indian origin poet whose work will certainly make you swoon. It’s a collection of emotions which we are all destined to feel. A mixture of pain and joy carefully curated in bursts of thoughtful poetry. It is difficult for poets to make a mark in the South African market, but Ekta Somera has achieved this with grace, with not one, but two poetic offerings. She is indeed creating a literary legacy at a rather young age.

Her poetry is mostly free verse and appealing to a large audience of youth. I particularly loved the poem titled Ayur dedicated to her brother. It was poised with softness and emotions.

I had the chance to talk with Ekta and read both her poetic offerings titled Made in Poetry and Twenty-Two. It takes a lot to put pen to paper and illicit emotions from a reader, but Ekta does this flawlessly. When asked about what inspires her, her role models, and her life in general Ekta had some amazing responses.

Here’s What Ekta Had to Say About Her Inspiration and Being Indian

I grew up with divorced parents, and to be honest it was not the worst thing in the

world. I adapted to living in two homes at once, but I guess there was an inexplicable

sadness inside of me waiting to escape. That’s the thing about poetry, it brings to

surface the feelings we buried and we’re able to create something beautiful out of it.Ekta Somera on her inspiration.

These experiences carved a way for her poetic debut titled Made in Poetry. I personally think everyone who is Indian or has had the experience of growing up in a brown household would find these poems extremely relatable!

My destruction began in high school, the absolute worst period of my life. I was

bullied and belittled for having a darker skin complexion, I was betrayed by those I

called my best friends, and I struggled with depression and anxiety while my heart

kept breaking. However, I was able to overcome these battles I faced.

 Made in Poetry explores a darkness and depth in my journey, while twenty-two

reflects on a lighter perspective. In retrospect, both books are reminiscent of

my personal growth. – Ekta on the driving force behind her first book Made in Poetry

The 24-year-old South African born Indian Origin poet is not just a bookworm she has a great set of hobbies too, from cooking to baking AND painting. The brilliant mind loves challenging herself to learn new skills.

I could be described as an old soul with a childlike spirit, a social misfit and a visionary leader – all in one person. – Ekta Somera how she would describe herself.

The Challenges of Being a Poet

Being a poet means presenting some of the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and

our life experiences to the public. It takes a great deal of courage and bravery. We

are able to put into words what others might have difficulty in describing, so I feel like

our expressions are a way of reassuring others that their feelings are valid.

However, the challenging part about being a poet is putting our writing out and

sharing it publicly. In this modern era, social media brings in a lot of criticism, but I

am comforted by the simple fact that those who need to read my words often find

and appreciate them. – Ekta on the challenges of being poet.

I love learning about different traditions and culture, including my own. My mom has ties to south India, and my dad is tied to the north, so I was blessed to grow up learning about both.

Ekta on her Indian heritage

Ekta has defied the odds and is now a published author with two books being published at 24 years of age. The book is poetic and deeply emotional, it would compete with an international audience as it touches with the nuances of coming of age. If you love poetry keep a look out for an in-depth review and excerpts. You may purchase both books on Amazon and read its raving reviews!

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