Posted on August 5, 2017 at 3:11 pm

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#RakhiDay: TV celebs tell us what they love about Raksha Bandhan!

The brother-sister bond is special, be it troubling each other, playing pranks or going out together. Here is how our favorite telly actors will be celebrating Raksha Bandhan this year.

Ramman Handa  – Family is not always blood related. My sister’s name is Nisha Chaudhary and I met her 3 years ago. Since then we share a very strong bond and she ties me Rakhi every year. This year she is not in Mumbai, so I’m going to miss her but she has already sent me Rakhi. I always remember our first Raksha Bandhan when she flew all the way from Delhi to tie me Rakhi. I share a great bond with her parents too. She is very special to me and we share everything with each other. Whenever we meet we go crazy and forget the world. She always keeps me in her prayers so do I.

Nutan Rai – I have already started shopping for my two brothers and also my cousins in Singapore. It’s going be a great month as my sister is also getting married in August, a few days after Rakhi. My brothers have planned a surprise for us this year. All my elder brother Ravi Shanker Rai and my younger brother Sushant Rai have said that this year’s Rakshabandhan Day will be more special. We have always been celebrating this utsav every year. There was this one time when I was 5-6 years old, I ended up splashing so much powder on my face and came out of the room, my whole family got scared and burst out laughing. My elder brother then wiped the powder off my face and applied it properly. I still found that really sweet.


Ankit Siwach – I just have a younger brother and both of us wait for our cousin sisters to send us rakhis from wherever they are. It used to be a day full of celebrations when we were kids. All of us used to meet. But as we grew up, it gradually became difficult for us to travel and meet every year. So now we celebrate through video conferences and postal rakhis. It’s a nostalgic day full of memories and love.


Shakti Arora – I have two sisters – Dr Sangita Khanna and Priti Ghai. As I am still going be here in Indonesia. I won’t be able to meet my sisters in person. One of my sisters is in Texas and the other one is in Mumbai. Mostly we’ll celebrate through a video call. The most memorable incident in my mind which is imprinted since many years, is how we used to have a very big get together of all sisters and brothers. Now, we are in different places, so it has become tough. I miss those get togethers. The best thing about my sisters is that they are very friendly and caring. Although they still treat me like a small kid because. they know how mischievous I was. So their advice mode is always on.



Lavanya Bharadwaj – My sister (Preeti Gaur) will come to meet on Rakhi. Sometimes, on the day of Rakhi, we used to fight and she would stop talking to me. But then, she used to tie the Rakhi. By the end of the day, I used to say sorry. Because it’s her day. She is five years older to me and is like a second mother to me.


Vinayak Sinha – This year I am not going to my sister’s place because of my shoots and all, but yes my sisters will send me Rakhi. I have two elder sisters, Shiva Priya and Harsha Priya. Generally during Rakhi, we have to give something to our sisters but I remember when I was in the 8th standard, I was requesting my dad to get me a bike but he was not very keen on it. I was little upset but my both my sisters convinced my parents and finally I got my first bike on the day of Rakhi.


Hrishikesh Pandey – I will be taking a break from shoot and going back home to Jabalpur to celebrate Rakhi with family. My sister is very special to me. I remember, when I was coming to Mumbai as a struggling actor and my father did not support me, she was the one who stood by me. She was about to sell her moped and give all her earnings to see me complete my dream. We are always there for each other, we speak to each other every day. Her name is Santosh. My brother Hrishi, who is four years elder to me, has also been there for me always. He knows everything about me, my needs.


Manish Wadhwa – We will meet at my place, our whole family. My Didi’s name is Geeta, we call her Geetu didi. My younger brother Rajiv is no more sadly, he was the most enthusiastic person in the family. We make gol gappe and I become everyone’s golgappe bhaiyya and serve them. They call me chat wala bhai.


Karan Oberoi – My rakhi plan is the same as it is every year. To meet my sister, Gurbani Oberoi, early in the morning and start my day right with her wonderful affections. She comes home with lots of sweets, especially the ones I love. And I am allowed to cheat my diet on this day. She will have it no other way. She feeds me affectionately and I give her my rakhi gift. My childhood memories of rakhi are very special because my brother and sister would always be around and it was such a sweet ritual in the house. I miss those days. The best thing about my sister is how fiercely protective she is about me. She will do anything in her power to safeguard me from any harm.


Vahbiz Dorabjee – My brother’s name is Daniel Dorabjee. We both actually are opposites. I am this energy ball, vibrant and hyper and he is very calm, composed and sorted. Two years back, we were together and he took me shopping. And last year we spent the entire day together. We live in separate cities, so meeting is hard. So these kinds of moments are priceless.


Shashank Vyas – I celebrate Rakhi every year. I still remember, one year we went to watch a film and missed the muharat. Our parents scolded us badly and from that time I celebrate at the right time. My sister is quite emotional. She is a rational and mature human being and I got to spend some quality time with her in Jodhpur recently.


Ssharad Malhotraa My sister Reema Pawa is based in Kolkata. I had crazy times with her in childhood years. I am always just a phone call away from her. I am going to Kolkata to celebrate Rakhi with her. It is always a good feeling to celebrate festivals with her. Elder sisters are always protective and concerned. I wait for Rakshabandan every year.


Shardul Pandit – My Rakhi plan is to go home to indore and be with my sister Ruchita Pandit and nephew Aryansh Wadhwani. The most memorable Rakhi was when my sister made an entire chocolate Tajmahal for me. The best thing about her is that she is the strongest human being I know.

Karan Wahi – This year I am going back to my hometown Delhi. I don’t have a real brother or sister but I have a lot of cousins. I haven’t gone home for years on Rakhi because either I was working or lazy to go. But this year I am going to go and meet my sisters who are in Delhi rather than just getting couriers of Rakhi. Growing up Rakhi was great as it was one day I met all my cousins. Since I didn’t have a sibling it was fun spending time with my cousins