Posted on August 7, 2017 at 1:10 am

Indian TV What's Happenin'

Check out TV hotties filmy rakhi dreams!

Since Rakshabandhan is here, the hottest hunks of the small screen tell us who they want as their sisters in Bollywood.

Karan Oberoi: I am okay with any Bollywood actress other than Deepika Padukone to tie rakhi on me as long as they look at me as a brother and they resonate with brotherly affection for me. Deepika, I have a school boy huge crush on. So anybody other than that is okay.

Shashank Vyas: I would not mind Tabu tying me a rakhi because she seems strict and she resembles my sister.

Lavanya Bharadwaj: I don’t want any Bollywood actor to tie a rakhi to me. I respect everybody but I already have seven cousin sisters and one real sister. So my hands are full, let’s see may be in future if I ‘ll have that kind of bonding with someone.

Mrunal Jain: I would not mind having a sister like Kajol, who is always bubbly and happy and her presence makes the room light up with joy.

Shakti Arora: I think Tabu because she has that sister-like-feel. Whenever I see her films, it reminds me of my elder sister. I don’t want to choose anyone from the younger lot as I want to work with them and this might kill the chemistry.

Arjun Bijlani: Kareena Kapoor because my cousin sister looks quite a lot like her.

Ssharaad Malhotra: Preity Zinta because she could make a good elder sister who is sweet, naughty and at the same time caring and understanding.