Posted on July 2, 2017 at 2:06 am

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Stop body shaming, urge TV actors!

Actor Aneri Vajani’s recent bikini picture on Instagram has created quite a stir on social media. Many people called the actor skinny and made fun of her. Her peers from the television industry talk about their views on body shaming.

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Karan Oberoi: This issue of body shaming stems from the ridiculous standards we have set of an ideal body type. This, combined that with our inherent desire to seek conformity, leads us to judge all those who don’t play by our rules. Plus there is social media, where everyone is connected and can voice an opinion easily has created this vicious cycle. Everyone seems to be seeking validation for who and what they are. We have to accept the fact that every human being is unique and special in their own way and that needs to be celebrated, be it, actors, actresses, or people from any field.


Ramman Handa: Body shaming is a mental illness. Your body is just a structure and what should matter more is kind of human you are. Keeping your body in shape is important and good but criticising others because of their physical appearance is inhuman. Actors keep themselves fit because it is a basic necessity of their career and it’s a healthy way of living. But we are no one to criticise or judge anyone on their physical appearance. Recently a television couple has posted their hot picture and it has become the talk of the town. I don’t know why people are over reacting. Instead, we should be aware that we live in an Independent country and everyone has their own choices. It’s their choice what they want to show the world and how they want to do so. We should not criticise someone’s expression of love towards themselves or their life. Live and let live should be the mantra of modern India.


Vahbiz Dorabjee: I can totally relate to this topic because I have also been a target of body shaming in the past. I was very thin and then I put on weight because of hyperthyroidism and people were after me. We live in a very shallow world where people are vain and they pass comments on the appearance of other people. All I can say is always be confident and don’t let anybody break your confidence. You are here to live life on your own terms Nobody in this world has the right to make you feel bad, demoralise you or put you down. You do what you feel like doing, everyone’s body is beautiful in it’s own way and no one has the right to criticise it. If we give into this kind of pressure and we will get affected by these remarks. It’s important to wear what you are comfortable in and not get affected by what other people have to say. The day you show it affects you, these people will get even more pleasure in passing shallow comments. I think people, who do such things, are absolutely shallow and need to get a job. This shows how characterless they are and does not say anything about the other person.


Rohan Gandotra: Body shaming is increasing day by day and I am totally against it. I feel haters put a comment on pictures to grab the attention of the celebrities. In India, people talk about dignity and how women should dress up and how they should behave in society. These are the people who encourage rape. I don’t understand that if you don’t like a picture or if you don’t like the person who is posting the picture, then simply just ignore it or even block it. Haters just put their frustration on social media through their comments where they know nobody can harm them physically. And it’s not only about celebrities, body shaming is spreading in every part of the society regardless of whether you are fat, short, skinny or tall. So it’s better to love yourself for who you are.



Laksh: Body shaming for us means appreciating Hollywood stars but shaming Indians in the name of culture and principles. It means judging someone based on their appearance. This says more about the person who is judging and not the one who’s being judged. One must wear what we want to and pay no heed to the naysayers. The best way to dealing with this would be by giving such people and matter, absolutely zero importance.


Karan Wahi:I just feel people especially Indians need to realise that actors and celebrities are also human beings and everyone has a right to do whatever they want to. We keep talking about equality but unfortunately, we put parameters in all departments of life. Especially on the way we look, I think if a person is okay to put something on social media then that is what matters. We can’t please everyone and I hope people realise that making a joke or mockery out of someone isn’t cool. Lets not just talk about living and let live, let’s act on that notion as well.


Dalljiet Kaur: Just because everyone has the right to their opinion, this does not mean that we can intrude in someone’s life. It’s absolutely fine by me if anyone wants to post anything as it’s their life and everyone goes through a phase of life where their choices vary. People who judge should realise that they have also changed over the years. Everyone, at one point, does or thinks in a way that might not accepted universally. So my advice for everyone out there, known or unknown, is to go ahead and do whatever they have to as long as they are not intentionally harming anyone’s sentiments in any way.

Hasan Zaidi: Frankly, when you put something out on a public platform, you want appreciation. So, whenever we do that, as normal people or celebrities, we need to realise that all sorts of people will look at it. Some people will appreciate it, some people won’t. In India, because of it being a democratic and diverse country, everyone has a different opinion and feels free to voice it. So people, who have been commenting on the pictures, talk with their perspective. I feel we have to be open about it. It is like if you are playing in the water, you will get wet as well as clean. So there is an equal and opposite reaction for everything. We are mature people, we should take everything with a pinch of salt.


Hrishikesh Pandey: While commenting on someone, we have to see that we don’t cross the line and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I remember the time I started, putting up revealing pictures was not so common and nowadays, it’s very common. I don’t find anything wrong in it and I guess people should not bother too.

Jayashree Venketeramanan: Body shaming is an exercise which prevails in every industry I have heard some of my closest friends talking about others commenting on how other people look. I won’t say that it is only for actors and actresses, but yes, because we are constantly in the limelight, we get more reactions. We must not forget that we all are individuals and have the right to be the way we want to be. No matter the character I play on television, this will never stop me from posting pictures on social media. I would go ahead and post any pictures which I feel comfortable about and I am also okay with the reactions. I don’t think posting hot pictures online is bad in any way.

Mohammad Nazim It’s an individual’s choice to put what he or she wants to in terms of pictures on social media. It’s all in the mind and individual perspective counts. Everyone has the freedom to present oneself as one wants. There is no question of judging anyone just by the pictures. I do put my workout or even body transformation pics to keep my fans and audiences posted about me. It’s quite normal and healthy approach. I do get reaction sometimes that I have made a fantastic body by using steroids. I don’t react to that as I know I am hundred percent vegetarian and I have worked hard on my physicality in the gym with utmost sincerity. I a mewl laware of the fact that my body is my temple and my strength”


Parul Chauhan It depends on who is comfortable with whatever they are. It’s our body and we have our own rights to it and I will show it the way I want whether I am fat or skinny it’s my body. Whoever it is whether actors or anyone else if they are comfortable in their respective bodies they don’t have to ask anyone what they should wear and what not. I will wear what I want and in what I feel comfortable if I feel fat or skinny it’s for me no one has the right to guide me what should I do or what I can or can’t post. Nobody is accountable to anyone it’s their life their choices. Restrictions can be made by themselves or their family and friends and to follow them or not it’s your choice and it depends on you. Also when males post such pictures they don’t get any reactions but a female does it people start throwing their views and guidelines this shows how double standards people have and how India hasn’t progressed still.


Rajshri Rani: The thing is nowadays everyone has the right to put forward their opinions and that cannot be helped. But I just think that along with this right, we as people have to be morally and socially responsible. Every one should know their limits and boundaries. Body shaming a person is not ethically right. Celebrities pose themselves as public figures and you have every right to give an opinion about it. But you do not have the right to insult them. They are also human beings. They also have the right to post their choice of pictures on social media so if you don’t like it, just ignore, but don’t cross your boundaries.