Posted on July 2, 2017 at 4:54 am

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My day is incomplete without music: Rohan Gandotra!

Actor Rohan Gandotra says music is everything for him and he can’t imagine his day without it.

“Music is extremely important, it’s as important to me as my food. In my daily routine, when I start my day, I play music to wake up and get ready for shoot listening to loud music,” he says, adding, “When I am on my way, I am constantly listening to my favorite songs to kickstart my day. In between the shoot too, I listen to music to relax myself and at night, I like to listen to some oldies and classics as they help me sleep. My day is incomplete without music.”


Ask him which are his favorite genres and he says,

“I don’t have any specific preference of music but I don’t like metallic, and rock too much. I love to listen to pop, r&b, love songs and old numbers. And I can listen to songs in any language,” he says, adding,

“I have some french, Arabic and Spanish favorites in my list and although I don’t understand them, I love listening to them.”