Posted on July 7, 2017 at 9:55 pm

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Get Ready For The “Everyday” Experience By Mr. Bolly Ft. Voyce!

If you are a fan of hip hop music, you will want to check out the latest track from Mr. Bolly ft. Voyces called “Everyday.” This is the first official video release from Mr. Bolly, so fans can get really excited! The song is a positive track that reflects the notion that if you want to achieve anything in life, you have to go for it “everyday,” no matter how difficult the journey! Mr. Bolly himself has always lived according to this policy – i.e. that hard work must be input every day in order to succeed. Always hustling and grinding and believing in their music is the mindset that brought Mr. Bolly and Voyce together.  “Everyday” is significant to both of them on a personal level as they adhere to the policy that hard work is needed.  It is one all his fans will definitely be able to relate to! Best of all, Mr. Bolly has released the track for free here in order to engage and empower his fans to become ambassadors of his music!

2017 has been a good year for Mr. Bolly when it comes to music.  In fact, he kicked it off with a performance on June 3rd at desiFEST, a major festival that takes place in Toronto, Canada. There, he performed in front of 32,000 people.  His performance was well-received! That is not surprising as Mr. Bolly has always loved to perform for others.  He began writing at the tender age of 15. Even then, he loved to sing to entertain friends and family. Since those early days, he has come a long way and has made a mark as a talented hip hop artist and producer.

This single launch will ultimately culminate in an album launch from Mr. Bolly later in the year! The concept of “Everyday” came from all the obstacles encountered on his journey towards his musical career and the process of self-discovery. The life of any artist in general is a hard one and he wanted to discuss the effects that all the struggles and pains had on him mentally and spiritually. “Everyday” is a dedication to his efforts over the years, and a reminder of the journey!  However, it’s message is one we can all relate to.

“Everyday” was composed and produced by Sorin Pavelesco on behalf of BTB music and the single is launched by Grace Grall Records in Zurich, Switzerland. The video was filmed and directed by Burim Salhi as a Oborino Pictures Exclusive, Executive produced by Ricky Dietl. Filmed in Bern, Zurich, Thun, Switzerland and Montreal, Canada. Model/Actress Silvana Sanchez. Extra footage by Alex Pacifici. Music Engineering by Sukhdev Benning. Published by Grace Grall and BTB music.

Be sure to check out “Everyday” on YouTube and be sure to download the track here!