Posted on May 2, 2017 at 2:23 pm

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Selena Gomez & 8 Other Old Photos Of Celebs Which Will Embarrass Them Today

Puberty has hit all of us and how! We have undergone major transformation, and it would get embarrassing to go back and look at ourselves.

Well, yeah. Even celebs have such moments. The ones they wouldn’t like to go back to.

Here are some of those embarrassing moments:

Not sure what Kylie Jenner was even doing (probably a dare). Wait, you couldn’t recognize that is Kylie?

Haha! Selena Gomez makes the weirdest face of her life!

Miley Cyrus looks like she was wasted, and well, yeah!

Ouch! Never thought our Gatsby, Leonardo Di Caprio, would look like this!

Katy Perry clearly seems displeased.

Ryan Gosling might just be matching outfits, but this is creepy AF!

Uhm. What was Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna doing to Karisma Kapoor?

The moment when Akshay Kumar turned a Filmfare award, because f*** traditions!

Zayn Malik looked cute, well, maybe…