Posted on May 18, 2017 at 1:19 pm

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Katrina Kaif Inaugurates The Mini Truck With Finger-Licking Pancakes

The first episode of The Mini Truck is out and it is a delight to watch! The episode features Mini Mathur with her very first guest and one of her closest friends, Katrina Kaif.

With the launch of the web series, Emmay Entertainment becomes one of the few production houses to have ventured into all formats i.e. feature films, short films, TV and now web- Series too.

An elated Nikkhil Advani said, “We tried our hands with TV last year with POW and that was a great experience. We at Emmay are very excited to foray into the web space with The Mini Truck and could not have partnered with a better host than our dear friend Mini Mathur. The Mini Truck is an interesting concept & its great fun shooting on this fabulous food truck with buddies from the industry.”

The fun filled episode starts with Katrina narrating the story about how every time she goes to Mini’s house, Mini always makes the best food for her within 30 minutes, keeping in mind Katrina’s dietary requirements.

Speaking on the same Mini Mathur, who hosts the web series said, “I have always been cooking traditional recipes and I’m a curious foodie who travels to eat. More importantly I love the stories behind comfort food, family recipes that pass down with so much expertise and love and I wanted to explore that. The truck is my vision of happiness in the kitchen and the actors who are my guests come with so many anecdotes. It’s a side to them their fans would love.”

While Katrina was craving a cheese dosa, much like most of us always are, Mini tells her she’s got to cook something better than a cheese dosa on the show and they decide to cook Kat’s favourite dish of all time – Pancakes! Katrina jokes about how she would eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she could.  The menu for the episode is Coconut Pancakes and Katrina’s Krazy Concoction.

Katrina thinks she isn’t that good a cook but does a great job with the pancakes, perfectly breaking each egg, mixing the batter and ending up with some delicious coconut pancakes! Mini and Katrina both flip the pancakes to celebrate the proud moment of Chef Katrina!

The next thing on the menu is Katrina’s Krazy Concoction. This is actually a smoothie, the recipe of which she got from a really nice cook book. It is one of Katrina’s favourite smoothies and she shares the recipe with all her fans too! The smoothie doesn’t turn out to be the best due to too much water but watching them make it is a joy in itself.

While having their fine meal of coconut pancakes with maple ginger chilli sauce and ice-cream with the smoothie, Mini and Katrina are joined by Mini’s little daughter, Sairah.  Sairah loves the pancakes and thinks they are better than the one’s at any restaurant.

The episode concludes with Mini giving Katrina some really awesome goodies!

Watch the episode here:

The Mini Truck is a 7-9 minute weekly web series which will feature a Bollywood celebrity in each episode. The Mini Truck, produced by Emmay Entertainment airs on Indian Food Network Youtube Channel.