Posted on February 15, 2017 at 4:15 am

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"Valentine's Day is fizzling out on TV" – Yash Patnaik

Producer Yash Patnaik has been quite successful with his TV shows (Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and Jana Na Dil Se Door) and is someone who has his hands on the audience’s pulse. So when we notice a dearth of tracks around Valentine’s Day on Indian Television.


We asked him the reason for it, and he says,

“Featuring a Valentine’s Day track in a TV show depends on the original story of your show. It all depends on the running tracks in the shows. Sometimes the tracks support a Valentine’s Day celebration and sometimes they don’t. In youth television programming, Valentine’s Day get more prominence than GECs (General Entertainment Channels). In GECs meanwhile, we explore Karwa Chauth more for the same purpose. However, When we used to produce Sadda Haq, Million Dollar Girl etc, we never missed a Valentine’s Day.”

As a producer, Yash says that an occasion like Valentine’s Day can be used to say some interesting love stories. He explains,

“I think it’s definitely an interesting occasion to infuse some out of the box romance during such occasions. I am sure that the audience expects something special on this day. But eventually, it boils down to the track and possibility to explore Valentine’s Day in the episodes telecast on the day.”

Personally though, Yash isn’t too big about the day. He says,

“I think Valentine’s Day is a bit over hyped. You don’t need to tick a day in the calendar for love. It should be every day.”

Now that’s thinking like a realist! But we’re sure, it is this thinking that has made his shows be more real and have an instant connect with the audience.