Posted on February 20, 2017 at 8:40 pm

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"The time between 2009 and 2012 was the most trying phase of my career!" – Nikitin Dheer

As an actor, you don’t always have it easy. There is a lot of struggle involved to reach a place where an actor can be content with his or her position in life and the kind of work they do. Actor Nikitin Dheer too has a similar story. Son of film and TV veteran Pankaj Dheer, Nikitin never had it easy in life. With his Greek god physique, the actor was always typecast in roles earlier.

Talking about his struggle, he says,

“The most challenging phase of my career was between 2009 and 2012. It was very challenging mentally for me because too many things happened on the work and personal front. I had a loss in my family which was very emotional for me. It was so stressful that only I know how I kept myself together in a situation where lots of people would have crumbled. During that phase, which lasted for almost two-and-a-half years, my phone didn’t ring even once. The only roles I was getting were where people wanted to exploit my physicality and not give me a chance to show myself as an actor. So, I had to hang in and wait for the right chance.”

Even though he was going through a struggle, Nikitin didn’t use his father as a stepping stone to success. He reveals,

“Yes my father is an actor, but I didn’t take him like a production house or something like that. The biggest help my father has been for me is to give me a healthy life and has been a guiding force. The best part of having parents working in the film industry is that you get to learn many things since a young age. So, that has been the biggest gift for me and has made me very determined human being.”

Talking about the pros and cons of being an actor’s son Nikitin says,

“I think there are a lot of pros, because, when you are growing, you get to know the industry and how it functions. If you have the mentality and the maturity to listen to your elders, you don’t end up doing the same mistakes as them. There are cons too, like the fact that, in my case, my father has a strong image on the screen. But for me, fortunately, that doesn’t happen because I and my father are alike in many ways and different in many ways, too. But I am thankful that he bought me up in this kind of an environment.”

Now, the star of the hit historical Naagarjun who was acclaimed for his role in the film Jodha Akbar, Nikitin wants to explore more avenues on both TV and films. He says,

“Having experience in film and television, I feel both mediums have equal power and satisfy an actor. I have experienced the same satisfaction and professionalism on both the mediums. Now I just have a desire to show a different side of mine as an actor. I know that the trick is to have the right attitude and keep looking on for the right script is the way to go and I’m very sure that it will come my way.”

Way to go, Nikitin. We’re sure your perseverance will pay off big time just like it has so many times!