Posted on February 15, 2017 at 4:00 am

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"The romantic content is what works on TV"- Siddharth P. Malhotra

Popular producer Siddharth P Malhotra has an eye for a good story. After the success of Icchapyaari Naagin, the producer is experience a breakthrough with Woh Apna Sa. Check out his success story in latest interview right here on Urban Asian.


Why do you think TV shows rarely have Valentine’s tracks in the shows?
Concept of Valentine’s in TV soaps for me personally is basically is just another incident to show the special moment of romance between the hero and the heroine, it’s a device, so that is where the point of Valentine’s in terms of a producer comes in.

How much you relate to the concept of Valentine’s as a producer in terms of TV soaps?

In my soap, if I take Icchapyaari Naagin, then the item of romance is when we have done a tribute to the RK pose, and Iccha and Babbal Ji have become so popular, so we composed a song for them which is composed by Raju Singh, which people thought is a film song, and the romance in Woh Apna Sa to specifically crucial because it is a married couple so you cannot miss it, we have played a lot on serendipity, on the fact that here are two people who are made for each other, which is realistic and you want them together whereas Iccha and Babbal is a lot of give and take, a lot of Romance, a lot of denials and yet knowing we belong together, there is a lot more aggression from the guy’s side because he is a pehelwaan in Icchapyaari Naagin whereas there is more of intensity and pain in Woh Apna Sa with Ssudeep and Disha. So that is how it is in my shows.

What are your views on Valentine day as a person?
For me Valentine’s Day is when you love someone, it is a day you celebrate that, like Father’s Day, mother’s day. Valentine’s Day is for that one person or the many people you love. So if that love is there every day is Valentine’s day. When you feel special with that person or you make that person feel special, that day, that moment is Valentine’s day.

The soaps have strong romantic content these days. What have you to say about that?
The romantic content is what works on TV. That is what people want and when you move away from it, there is so much problem and intention in life, that you want some good looking people who will please your eyes and who will give you some amount of hope that you don’t have in your day to day regular life. You see them being approached in a larger than life way, and you say “I wish”. So you are living your life through television characters. So the romantic content will always stay, what matters is how well you present it.

Intimacy depiction in TV soaps has also changed over the years. Whsts your take on that?

Intimacy in TV soaps has changed to a certain level. I think back in the days, I remember my father was producing Junoon, I saw a lip to lip, 2-minute kiss between Tom Alter and Kitu Gidwani That was back then. And people back then used to shy away from doing it. Some youth channels do it now. Generally, intimacy is not shown as much as much, only small moments are captured. Intimacy is shown in the series abroad. If we see that here, that will be the change.

In your soap what is the idea of romance you follow in the tracks? Specify with reference to the particular show (so that our show also gets highlighted)

TV shows do have Valentine tracks. At least the ones that I have done, the youth shows like Dil Dosti Dance, those had Valentine tracks. GEC tracks cater to the audience who don’t understand the concept of Valentine. Every day the love for their husband is a Valentine’s Day. So that concept is lesser used in GEC shows today.