Posted on February 16, 2017 at 12:30 pm

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Shweta Rohira shares her views on love

Creative artist and writer Shweta Rohira who is the rakhi sister of Salman Khan shares her views on love.  She says,

“I feel love is a very essential part of our existence, loving our self is the first step towards having a joyful life. It’s love that connects us to our divine existence and our whole life in total.”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Shweta replies,

“I am romantic at heart and believe in love at first sight.”

Shweta Rohira

Speaking about her plans for this Valentine’s Day, Shweta says,

“This year Valentine is my puppy time as this year my pet Bagira turns one and my plans are all about him and celebrating his first birthday. Valentine for me is a day where we take extra effort to showcase our love to our loved ones, make them feel special and let them know how important they are in our lives.”

So which is better love or arranged marriage?

“Love marriage any day as even in an arranged marriage you need love to make it successful, the pillar of a happy companionship is based on love from which respect and togetherness originates.”