Posted on January 13, 2017 at 11:38 pm

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"Share and Grow has introduced me to a very different side of mine" – Himmanshoo Malhotra

Actor Himmanshoo Malhotra is among the few TV actors who has tried his hand at something different than the field he works in. In 2016, the actor started a unique initiative called ‘Share and Grow’, which deals with connecting people. When asked about how the initiative was shaping up, Himmanshoo says,

“The response for Share and Grow has been fabulous. We are getting calls and invites from different schools and colleges across India because people loved what we did initially. In fact, teachers, principals and students are saying that it’s a life changing experience for them which definitely is very heart-warming, they feel it’s a fabulous platform to share their experiences of life to help and guide others to lead their lives with a new perspective.”

Himmanshoo says he didn’t expect this kind of a response,

“When we started this, we absolutely had no clue of how this will proceed further. But I guess God has his own ways and I feel that this initiative had to flow through me. I’m glad God gave me the opportunity to touch people’s lives and help them grow further.”


And not just other people, Himmanshoo says he has seen changes in his own life after he started Share and Grow. He reveals,

“I feel tremendous growth as an artist and as human being while conducting these sessions of Share and Grow. It provides me with so many wonderful experiences, especially with students because you don’t expect them to help you grow. But I’ve always noticed that they come up with something so valuable and enriching that it eventually helps me to grow to a much larger extent. I feel dealing with students and teachers of varied schools and colleges have helped me become more honest and more sensitive towards life. I have noticed that your soul becomes more pure while teaching them or guiding them towards their life goals.”

Another interesting development that Himmanshoo has noticed is that, doing something outside his field of expertise has helped him not just as a person, but as an artist too. He says,

Share and Grow has introduced me to a very different side of mine. I think it’s very important that people know you as who you are, instead of always being tagged as an artist. This way, people connect with you on individual basis rather than connecting with you by the character that you have portrayed in your various. The reason is that I feel the shows will definitely end one day, but it’s you who will remain to touch people’s hearts and that is what makes you a better human being and a bigger star in the realm of real life!”

Well, we hope that your initiative grows, and that more actors pick up something what you’re doing!