Posted on January 14, 2017 at 12:00 am

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Shardul Pandit speaks about his muhbola bhai Mrunal Jain!

Actor Shardul Pandit opens about his muhbola bhai, Mrunal Jain. The actor reveals five things about Mrunal. Check them out below.
Shardul Pandit, Mrunal Jain

1. Mrunal Jain is a walking tornado, if your his friend or co actor be ready to be bruised. This hulk with a golden heart doesn’t know how hard he hits even when he is saying a casual hello. He will just walk straight into you or the table next to you. Bam!
2. Mrunal can talk on phone till the battery runs out. Apple has decided to make a special phone so he can keep talking. Unless you snatch the phone away this man will be on it.
3. Don’t plan to go for a movie with him most likely you will turn to towards him only to find him sleeping and snoring.
4. He is like a nariyal, looks like a hulk but is very sentimental and cares much more about his friends than he can show or say.
5. Yes and last but not the least Mrunal as adorable as he is , cracks really lame jokes. He probably can laugh at haathi cheeti jokes. We still love bhai. Marna mat.