Posted on January 26, 2017 at 2:22 pm

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#RepublicDay: Television actresses share the importance of Republic Day in their lives!

The 2017 marks year the 68th year of Republic Day of India. A day which truly celebrates the forming of an independent nations is remembered today by the women of India. We asked several female celebrities the importance of this great day in their lives. Here is what they had to say:


Shalini Kapoor Sagar: I remember when I was small, how my mother used to dress me in white kurta pajama and tricolor hair bands for the school function. Now that my daughter is going to be 6 soon, I have bought same kind suit with tricolor dupatta for her with bands. We make sure we take her down to the building compound on every Republic Day where senior citizens hoisting the flag and exchange paper flags and shower flowers and greet each other. We want to instill patriotism in her too.

Parineeta Borthakur:
As a child we used to participate in the Republic Day Parade in a stadium in Duliajan, Assam. We used to be very excited, but unfortunately, by the time we started growing up, it used to be an Assam bandh on Republic day, and the charm was not there anymore. Fortunately, the charm is coming back because people have kind of stopped following the bandh.

Gulfam Khan: The key words in the declaration of the constitution of India are justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. We as a slightly older generation should make our kids and youngsters aware of this every day, because we are losing the sense of these words and maybe by reminding others we will think about them often and implement them too.

Rushali Arora: Republic Day reminds me of all the sacrifices that have been done to make India a free country. I feel blessed to be part of a nation, where one has the freedom to live life on its own.

Kanisha Malhotra: Back in school I remember every year we celebrated Republic Day celebration. In junior school, we use to dress up as some patriotic character and in high school we used to do plays based on patriotism. Also sometimes my father used to take us to India Gate to watch parades.

Seema Pandey: Its special day loved to celebrate it. Remembering schooldays memory brings smile on my face and see the same happiness and enthusiasm on kids face. Love to watch parade telecast and feel proud to be an Indian.

Ushma Rathod:
During my childhood days, I used to be very excited to go school and see the flag hoist. Also I used to participate in various dance performances, where I always came first.

Farah Sultan Ahmed: I wish everyone Happy Republic Day and I’m proud to be part of this beautiful country, India. My most memorable memory is when I got married to Sultan on January 27.