Posted on January 31, 2017 at 1:41 am

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"If the audience will like Meri Durga, then they will definitely watch it regardless of the time slot"- Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar is currently producing Meri Durga along with Ravindra Gautam talks about the show and his career journey.

Throw light no your career journey in the entertainment industry. What projects were you associated with?

I started my career as a production manager for films like Kitne Door Kitne Pass and Jaago. I also did the show Kagaar on aired on Sahara TV and Dhadkan, which aired on Sony TV for Aqua Pictures. Then, I started working for Shakuntalam Telefilms as a production head since 2004, from the very start of the company with our first show Reth on Zee TV in 2004-06. Later, we made shows like Banu Main Teri Dulhan which lasted from 2006 to 2009 and was a flagship show at that time. In 2009, I did Na Aana Is Des Laado. After that, I did Rakshak on Life Ok and Shashtri Sisters for Colors in 2014. My last show with Shankuntalam was Hello Pratibha for Zee TV. I only parted with the company to start on my own as a producer.

What is so unique about Meri Durga?

It is not unique in a way, but it is a story which anyone can relate to. It’s a story of the relationship between a father and his daughter. See, every father wants their child to study and learn and there is no similar show on television yet. So, we felt that we should show a story about a family in a village which is financially backward; I am myself from a village so this I could relate to it. Every village has this story of bad economic conditions, where children don’t have money for proper education, but every parent wants their child go to the school and get well education.

Pradeep Kumar

The show supports of education for girls.

To be very honest, it does not support girl education in a way, but it is a take on the whole education system in India. So, through this show, we also want to give out a message to the parents that don’t force the studies on the child and instead see his or her qualities. Education is important, but somewhere or the other, the child also possesses some other qualities which also matter. Education for girls has improved a lot in India. So, now we are giving importance to the whole education system rather than just the girl education through this show.

Why such a unique title? What is the story behind its title?

This title is very close to me, It’s the relationship of a father and the daughter, and the daughter’s name is Durga. It says, Meri Durga, and my translation is My Daughter. There could not have been a better title than this.

Through light on the association with Ravindra Gautam?

My wife Shaika Parween is a very close friend of Ravindra. Her first show Karam Apna Apna was directed by him. I met him in 2012 when he was looking for a person to handle the creative as well as the production part of the company, Shaika introduced me to him. From 2015 onward we were working on this concept. It is very good working with him. He looks after all the creative part of the company and I handle the production part of the company. So, we are a good team and since 2015 to 2017 we have been going strong. I hope this association continues like this forever.

The show is going to come at 6:30 time slot from  January 26th. Don’t you think it’s too early a time slot?

I personally feel that it does not work this way in the industry. It’s like reading a novel; we do not read it unless we like it. So, it is the same with TV shows. If our content is good with Indian values, every Indian has a mentality of watching this content because it is relative. So, if the audience will like the show, then they will definitely watch it regardless of the time slot. Initially, we felt we need to change, but then we did not mind the time slot because I believe that if you are showing something nice to the audience they will definitely watch it and the timings will not matter.