Posted on January 26, 2017 at 2:42 pm

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From on screen foes to off screen friends, Sudha Chandran and Adaa Khan

Fighting, bickering, throwing each other under the bus (literally), that is what Yamini (Sudha Chandran) and her kaali naagin Sesha (Adaa Khan) are good for. However, reality is far from in. In real life, these two Naagin 2 costars are actually great friends.


Speaking on her fondness of the veteran actress Adaa Khan says,

“I have a wonderful rapport with Sudha Chandran. We both take care of each other on the set. Whenever I am down with something she will always cheer me up. I always go to her whenever I need any advice, I have really taken her as my mother. In season one we did not have many scenes but in season two we are sharing a lot of scenes and we make sure that we both give our best to the scene. On screen I call her overacting ki dukaan and she calls me kaali naagin and this has become so famous that audience also calls us Yashesha.”

Adaa also adds,

“I remember we have read about Sudha Chandran in our school as our syllabus had a chapter on her. I feel extremely proud of her.”

What true gems of people they are!