Posted on January 8, 2017 at 2:35 pm

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Female celebrities speak out on Bengaluru molestation incident!

The Bangalore (Bengaluru) mass molestation on New Year at MG Road and Brigade Road has sent shockwaves across the nation, but this is apparently not the first time that such an incident has been reported. Television actress comes ahead and share their disrespect to such men and even urge governments and such family who upbring such males in the society. 


Sherlyn Chopra: At the point of time every girl need to be self-protective. She must be well prepared for self defence againt anti social elements who live among us. We cannot control the behaviour of those who has no moral compass. I urge government to take protective and preventive measures to ensure safety and well being of females in every city of the country.

Mouli Ganguly: We can expect respect, sense and humanity in everyone. We should have some law for protections and security purpose of females in the society. Government should try bringing end to men’s passion for abusing, molestation and offcourse rape.

Rakhi Sawant:  Its really sad that we had reached where instead of moving ahead we are going backwards. We should concentrate to the situation of society where females are subjected for being objects nothing else. One who does molestation should remember he was even given birth by a women and such culprits should not get any support from their family. 

Ridhima Pandit: Its awful to know the amount on insecurity that has grown in society these days where girls are concerned. There should be a progressive economy but whats happening is regression on every level. To judge a woman by what she wears or whom she is friends with or what she eats or drinks and how extrovert or introvert she is? Thats pure rubbish none of the above gives anyone a right to harm a girl in anyway. Its not her clothes that matter its your thought hence people who are trying to justify the bengaluru molestation case are surely sick in their minds. The governement should concentrate on womem security too rather then just traffic rules, demonetsation etc while they are important foremost is female security.

Jaya Bhattacharya: A girl has every right to do whatever any boy can, provided they are given the right kind of teachings and morals. Most important is respect and self respect. Boys need to be taught to respect others and have self respect too. A boy who is disrespectful to a girl shows, the family he belongs to doesn’t respect females. Every man should learn that if a girl says NO, it doesn’t mean she is being rude towards him. Everyone should enjoy their freedom. A man should not do any such actions which may take away their own freedom in the long run.

Mahika Sharma: The government is taking female security in the society very easily dont know why? Sorry to say but might be right to say it man oriented! I feel embarrassed saying this but my anger towards this is justified! If this sad happening was for setting an example for we girls that 2017 will remain the same like past years. One among us need to set get ready for being raped or accused? Government should answer this!

Roop Durgapal: Girls dont come from some other planet to have different rights and rules. They can wear anything and can walk alone at anytime anywhere as per their wish. Its the perverted and mentally sick men who need to be stopped from walking free on roads. They should be thrashed in public and then jailed.

Shamin Mannan: Its really sad that India is still unsafe for women and gender inequality can be seen in all these cases where a question always rises on the way women should dress and behave. Its high time the mind set of people must change or else women would never be safe not only on the roads but also in their own houses irrespective of what they wear. A girl has all the rights to wear anything and walk alone on the roads anytime without being conscious but today’s society constantly judge women which in turn results into molestation n rape. Its sad that India is going down the ladder in the aspect of gender equality. India would actually be free the day people wont blame the girl for all the rape n molestation and educate their own boys instead.