Posted on January 7, 2017 at 7:37 pm

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Coffee With D release postponed!

The Sunil Grover starrer ‘Coffee With D’ which was scheduled to be the first release of the year has been postponed. Ever since the release of its first trailer, the film has been on the underworld radar. Little did the makers know that making a film on Dawood would cost them so much. Producer Vinod Ramani, Director Vishal Mishra and Sunil have been receiving anonymous calls, threatening them with dire consequences if references to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim are not removed from the film. The filmmakers have approached the Delhi Police seeking action against the callers.


While these calls seem like the reason behind the delay in the release date, the Director remains reticent when it comes to giving out the real cause. He said,

“From the time of the release of the trailer, it hasn’t been quite easy. We are being hopeful and taking each day as it comes. As of now, the release has been postponed.”

Producer Vinod Ramani and director Vishal Mishra have filed a complaint against getting repeated threat calls from underworld gangster Chhota Shakeel’s aids asking them to either delete the portions that make fun of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in the film or not release the film at all. While the film has been passed through censor with minimal edits, we wonder if the underworld still has such a strong say in what is been shown to the masses.