Posted on December 23, 2016 at 12:13 am

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#UrbanAsian: Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu and Naseebo Lal give you 'Heartbroken'

Roach Killa who has teamed with two well-known artist in the scene gives you a track that will make you press repeat! Roach Killa who is known for his creativity when it comes to his vocal sound makes you play repeat on this new video which has released today! ‘HeartBroken’ is a sad tune – so ladies and gents, if someone has broken your heart this year – well this might be the tune for you ! Producer Vee who is behind the music add’s his magic to the track which is now out for sale on iTunes! Presented by MovieBox and lyrics by Deepa Bandala the video shows how a girl breaks a guys heart and walks out by ending things on a bad note. As Roach Killa is heartbroken in the video he shows how he will teach his ex-partner a lesson. Uh-OH!

Roach Killa tells UrbanAsian:

When me and Garry Sandhu work together it’s always special and when me and Vee work together it’s always fire so it was a recipe to create a banger …Big up to the whole team!

Check out the recent video which launched today worldwide – don’t forget to buy the track on iTunes today!

Moviebox Presents
Heartbroken – The Official Video
By Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu & Naseebo Lal
Music By Vee
Lyrics By Deepa Bandala
Video By Cineverse & Blitz