Posted on December 4, 2016 at 1:20 am

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"Typical Indian Designs Are Not Preferred," say designers Richa and Sarang

Designer Richa Ranawat and Sarang Jáìn, who after putting a mark on Lakmé Sri Lanka Fashion Week 2016, put forward another collection at Asian Designer Week Season 3. They say that they prefer fusion over typical Indian designs.

“We, as designers, are not focusing on Indian as such… our designs have always been fusion.We design something innovative rather than just being bridal or typical Indian. We try to experiment with things that stand out,”

Richa Ranawat said.

The partners, who are based out in two different cities, collaborate to showcase their designs, which are a blend of fusion of international cuts with desi tadka. While Ranawat is based in Mumbai, Jain is based in Chandigarh. Which shows a fabulous example of team work between the two designers. Both believe in having a show stopper only if they can justify their outfit.


Sarang Jain said,

“I don’t believe that showstoppers are always required for every show. Showstoppers do not need to be an actress or something… they should justify our outfit. We believe in having a show stopper who could do justice to our outfit.”

The duo, who have started the successful brand StyleInn with Kala Mandir, will be seen in many international fashion weeks in the coming year.

“We are looking forward to many upcoming International Fashion Weeks in the coming year and exploring different concepts in fields of fashion which would add to our creativity,” said Richa and Sarang.