Posted on December 24, 2016 at 10:53 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

TV soap Badho Bahu show talks Christmas holidays!

TV soap Badho Bahu produced by Sunny Side up (Dipti Kalwani) and Humtum Telefilms (Sushant Kumar and Teenaa Swayyam) is like one happy go lucky family. The show actors talk about Christmas memory and the gift they want from Santa Claus!

Rythasha Rathore (the lead Badho) – Every year we would put up a Christmas tree at home. My building friends would come over and we would decorate my tree. But Badho does not believe in Santa Claus.

Arhaan Khan (Rana Singh) – My most cherished memory is dinner at home with loved ones and then a drive to Mount Mary church in Bandra. All I want for Christmas is good wishes and blessings.


Antara Banerjee (Pinky) – I generally celebrate Christmas with my family and close pals. When I was in school,it was my dad who used to be my secret Santa and load me up with candies,chocolates,teddies which I loved the most.My fondest memory is when our school organized a Christmas celebration in an old age home and we dressed as secret Santa singing carols,dancing and showering them with gifts. I still remember the happiness on their faces that made my day. I wants good blessings for my career, and set a benchmark in the industry.


Sangeety Panwar, (Lucky’s Tai ji) – “My most cherished memory was when I got to know she is going to be a grandmom in 2011 during Christmas time. Ill ask Santa to Make Badho Bahu a big hit, so much so that all of us have new flats and cars.”


Karamveer Choudhary (Lucky’s Tau Ji) – My fondest memory was when last year I celebrated Christmas in an orphanage. I loved those children. For a gift from Santa I want “Peace in the whole world.”


Jaya Ojha (Lucky’s mother) – My brothers planned a surprise for me once. One of them dressed as Santa came in the night while I was sleeping and he woke me up and gifted me my favorite doll which I was asking for months. That I will never forget.I want good health and prosperity for all friends and family as well as all my fans in the world.


Shagun Pandey (Vardaan) – “On 25 December after my father used to come back home from work he used to take us for a city ride as in Chandigarh in my hometown after every 500 meters there are people dressed as Santa who used to distribute candies and goodies to children. We used to collect it all and then my sister had a competition who had more candies and goodies.”

I want goodness for everyone around me because I believe that other things can be achieved by just working hard!


Nishi Singh (Pragya) – “My most cherished Christmas memory is walking along the beach with my dad around the age of 8, with the vivid coastal sights and sounds adding to the sensations of the waves cooling the feet now and then from the effects of sun-baked sand. I just wish that all my dreams come true.


Kajal Kapoor (Bimla) – “All I wants is a happy life and nothing more.