Posted on December 11, 2016 at 9:58 pm

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Team Victory's Remix is pure positivity and power!

Earlier this year, we let you all know about a powerful track called Victory (see here).  Now, the Victory Team is back with the Victory Remix – purchase off of iTunes here.  The remix has a rawer sound, and manages to take the original song to all new levels.  Like the original, which was a power anthem, this track too exudes positivity and power.  It will give you the motivation you need to complete 2016 on a high note, and begin 2017 feeling motivated and excited!

Team Victory has most definitely achieved victory with this remix, which is an unconventional mix of ancient mantras and a modern urban vibe.  The track is powerful, but it is no surprise when one looks at who the team is comprised of.  The backbone of the team is Mr. Bolly (aka Mike Kapoor) who delivers a robust urban flow as a singer and the lyricist of the track.  Lea Longo captures the essence of the spiritual mantra.  The classical-influenced music by Sorin Pavelesco really brings the track together.  We expect many unique tracks from this trio!  I had a chance to speak to Mr. Bolly about the track and team.  It seems the sky is the limit for the trio and they are ready to keep amazing tracks coming your way in the coming year!

Roopa – What is the message that you hope listeners of the track will remember? Having heard the song, personally, I remember the positive vibe the most from it.

Mr. Bolly – The message is very clear on the Victory Remix.  It’s to teach people of all cultures that no matter how high the mountain is or how low emotions can get the universal battle we all call life, also can have a silver lining. We as a humanity often like to attach Victory to a win or a loss. But Victory can mean many things. For instance, a homeless person came up to me last week asking me for some food.  I had asked him how long was it since he last ate something warm.  He said it’s been days. When I purchased him the meal, he said to me this was a personal victory for him to fight through these tough times and even though my gesture was small he took it as a victory through his own personal battles. We can all easily achieve a victory by coming together and uniting.  The song explains just that – team work and helping each other climb those mountains and achieving a victorious moment in our own lives.

Roopa – How did the collaboration with these other artists come about, and how do you think this collaboration will impact the world of music?

Mr. Bolly – Sorin Pavelesco the producer and pianist on the song is my partner also at BTB music.  He suggested we do a acoustic version to the original to make it more musical and bring life to the song. I personally enjoy performing this version of the track as it’s more emotional, so we continued to finish the song. The sporting world and sporting events took a liking to this particular version. So, we just finished doing a test run of 8 shows this past few months to lead up to the release to see how the crowd would like it and much to our surprise the crowd understood and loved the message it resonates through everyone respectively I mean who on this planet wouldn’t like to have a Victory in their lives. For us also as artists, it is an on-going battle to maintain our love and appreciation towards the music. So, making this song was a victory for us as well as we are affirming our dedication to the arts. Lea Longo is the female vocalist of the team.  She sings am ancient mantra on the song.   The word she sang “Jaya” also means Victory in ancient text. The combination of my urban flow, Lea’s Mantra and Sorin’s piano composition truly takes the song in another world. It is truly a effort by all three members of Team Victory making this a true group effort. Team work makes the dream work as they say.

Roopa – How do you, personally, define “victory”?

Mr. Bolly – What the word Victory means to me is simple – when your back is against the wall, lift your head up and face life with its circumstances and fight through it all. So, we can all stand on our own personal mountains and raise our heads high. No pain no gain.

Roopa – What can fans of your music look forward to in 2017?

Mr. Bolly – We just released the Victory Remix and the campaign has just started the next step is to film the video which is in works soon. The Follow up to Team Victory will be planned after the initial video is out for the Victory Remix. As for me “Mr Bolly” I’m also launching my first full length album sometime in March 2017 which will be announced in the new year. There are many projects coming out from our company BTB music as it will lead into several albums released and videos as well. We are happy that we our first installment with Lea and our team and we are looking at a very busy 2017 lots of shows and lots of releases.

We are excited for what BTB music has in store in the coming year! Until then, be sure to get the Victory Remix from iTunes!