Posted on December 18, 2016 at 5:11 am

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Simon Fuller hits up India for his next POP Sensation group!

Simon Fuller, the respected entrepreneur behind global entertainment hits including Spice Girls and the Pop Idol, American Idol TV format and the long-time business partner of icons David & Victoria Beckham, is launching a new global pop group – Now United and searching for a talented young boy or girl with a passion for performing, to represent India alongside artists from ten countries including Japan, Korea, China, UK, US, Mexico and Brazil.

Now United will be like no group before, combining an upbeat celebration of singing and dancing, with unprecedented real-time access to the group’s music and lives, that allows fans to engage with their every move.

Talking about Now United and his search for talent in India, Simon Fuller Founder/CEO, XIX Entertainment says.

“I have always loved the rich and colorful nature and scale of Indian music and dance, so in putting together this innovative global pop group, it was so important to me to have this as a strong creative influence. I am looking for someone extraordinary, who of course can dance and sing, but who can beyond that, can in every way represent India on a worldwide stage”.

Talking about India, Fuller continues,

“India, in particular, is so exciting for us because of the sheer diversity that exists around the country. The sounds, the instruments, the style and showcase of each region is so different from each other yet have such a strong connect to the country¹s overall culture. It’s essential that we have the sound of India showcased in what we hope will become the biggest pop group in the world.”

There are two ways to apply to join this band: Participants can either attend a national casting/audition day in Mumbai staged on December 21st, from 9 am to 6 pm True School of Music at Lower Parel in Mumbai where participants will be asked to audition for a part in the band. Those who cannot come to Mumbai on that day can also send in a 1-minute film singing and dancing as an online entry at

Participants – between the age of 16 and 19 years need to be able to sing and dance, have a passion for performing with an attitude that demands entry into a dynamic, interactive global pop group.

Participants need to come prepared with one song to sing and one dance routine. Participants may also be asked to dance freestyle to a song of the judge’s choice.