Posted on December 22, 2016 at 7:49 pm

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Shahrukh Khan announces the first of its kind Indian Academy Awards !

The Indian Academy which looks to be the bridge the gap between the reel and real life cinema and it will also take the Indian Film Industry closer to its global dream was announced today to the audiences at the US Consulate, Mumbai. The mega Indian Superstar dashing King Shahrukh Khan launched The Indian Academy Awards, a celebration of this academy and all that it stands for, promising to change the face of Indian Cinema.

From the exchanging of different cultures to building bridges for tourism, The Indian Academy Awards is a real-time celebration of cinema lovers, by cinema lovers and fro cinema lovers across the world. During the occasion Shahrukh Khan states,

 “I’m happy to associate with the first of its kind Indian Academy Awards, which is an amalgamation of everything a cinema-lover could hope for. This academy invites everyone to be part of a movement that will refine the entertainment world .”

The founder of IAA Saurabh Pandey says,

“ The Indian Film Industry is going global and the Indian Academy Awards is a celebration of that global, democratic academy that is completely transparent and all-encompassing. Our aim with these awards is to bring a sense of realism and credibility to cinema awards in the Indian film industry. This is an academy that never sleeps”.

US Consul General Tom Vajda expresses,

“We are very pleased to support the collaboration between the American and Indian film industries, in a way that recognizes and promotes great talent and storytelling in movies. California is a perfect destination to showcase this for both American and Indian audiences.”

Paresh A. Shah, Chairman of Hollywood Bollywood Entertainment from LA states,

“The Indian Academy Awards will not only be a further merger of Hollywood and Bollywood, the two biggest entertainment industries in the world, but also help create a deeper connection between the United States and India, the two biggest democracies in the world,”

We cannot wait to see the Indian Academy Awards and what it will bring all of the other industries as we become one.