Posted on December 24, 2016 at 4:06 am

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Sameksha-Let's not make a big deal out of Kissing on screen!

Kissing on TV has been around since a bit. Only recently, an episode of Star World’s show ‘P.O.W.- Bandi Yuddh Ke’ had a bold scene featuring actress Sameksha. When asked,Sameksha said that the scene where she locked lips was necessary in the script,

“We were already aware of this kissing scene because this is an inevitable part of the story. After this scene the story takes a different transition and it was necessary at that point. Sartaj Singh is hiding things from everyone. Agent Keerti, my character, is a non-conformist girl who has to win Sartaj’s trust. As someone who doesn’t know anything beyond patriotism, she would go to any limits for the safety of her nation as she sees nothing beyond the country. This involvement was necessary so that Sartaj’s family would see this and he would become all alone. Such scenes are an essential part of the show’s scrip and it is not something to make an issue of.”

Sameksha says that while she was conscious at first doing a kiss on screen with co-star Purab Kohli, she later got comfortable,

“Purab is a gem of a person and a very good and co-star to work with. Actually, we were both a little conscious because this was my first kissing scene. I have already worked in South and there was more glamour there, but we never shot like this. While there were questions in my mind like, till what extent should we kiss and whether it would look vulgar or not. But it was shot aesthetically and we pulled it off well.”

While Sameksha agrees that TV has become bold, she says makers should not cash in on kissing scenes to boost rating,

“I agree that TV has become bold, but you should not cash on kissing scenes and create an unnecessary hype around it. If kissing is a part of story and it’s really needed, why not. Don’t we kiss in our regular lives? It’s a biological process like eating or going to the bathroom! We should never cash on such things. Agar kiss kiya toh kya badi baat hai?”

The actress says that so far, the feedback for her role as an undercover agent posing as a documentary filmmaker Indira Jai Singh, has been quite positive,

“I am getting an amazing feedback for the role because people are seeing me in a totally different character. Also, I am playing a dual role and I get to portray all kinds of emotions. Like, I am a patriot, I have a romantic track as well as a track where I play a seductress along with doing action sequences. In fact, some people told me that men watch the show especially to see my character! So yes, that makes me quite happy that I am able to entertain more people.”

Way to go Sameksha. We are captivated by your positive attitude!