Posted on December 5, 2016 at 5:21 pm

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Rita Morar Ft. Maan tells us – Let Me Know

After captivating audiences with her debut release ‘Piya’ which reached no.4 on the iTunes chart in May 2013, London based singer/songwriter Rita Morar is set to release her comeback single in collaboration with MAAN called ‘Let Me Know’ which released on Thursday 17 November 2016.

The track will be available on all major digital online stores but for now it is available for a pre – order on iTunes

‘Let Me Know’ is an uplifting fusion of eastern/western drum and bass sounds. Teaming up with the exciting upcoming duo London based producers/artists MAAN, together they have created this song, which they hope to enchant the audience with.

“I am excited to be releasing ‘Let Me Know’ as I believe MAAN have captured the full essence of the musical vision I had for this particular track. I wanted to come back with a universal sound that would connect to audiences who love experimental fusion sound”.

This track is the second release MAAN have been involved in since the release of their debut track, ‘The Calling’, which featured singer song writer Anjana Srinivasan and the multi talented Nawazish Ali Khan.

“We’ve had a brilliant connection with Rita on this track and what really made this such a wonderful experience was the fact that it came together so quickly and effortlessly.”

Written by Rita and produced by MAAN, alongside the sweet sounds of the Bansari flute played by Robin Christian, ‘Let Me Know’ will be released with a feature video shot by Bushy Beard Productions and Make up by Taniya Khan.